All New Proteus

Buslovers One for All, Multi purpose – The perfect solution for city and intercity trips! Especially designed to cater passengers’ satisfaction of short distance ride and the comfort of long distance journey
Simple and elegant interiors – Crucial for both fellow operators and travelers, not only provide more spacious area but it is also maintenance free and creatively designed. source
proteus8 300x176 All New Proteus
proteus5 300x176 All New Proteus
Seat Proteus
seat proteus,smoking area bus,free wallpaper bus, interior bus,tiket onlineInterior bus proteus sangat mewah kawan, sempga bus bus yang menempuh jarak puluhan kilometer mempunyai kenyamanan yang standart untuk memuaskan penumpangnya kawan, lihat juga bus marissa holiday berikut ini . . . bus pariwisata, sewa bus pariwisata, bus pariwisata
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