BC transit bus 1008 Whistler Canada

The New Flyer Industries H40LFR is a hybrid fuel cell powered low floor bus. The first prototype bus underwent evaluation for BC Transit, and 19 more were built for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Whistler, BC.
bc trancit whistler1004 300x225 BC transit bus 1008 Whistler Canada  The production H40LFRs have a few differences from the prototype. The headlights were in the style of Capital Metro Transit’s LFRs; moved outwards with extra molding around and turn signals above them. The rear HVAC grill on the prototype has the rear destination sign centred, while the production buses have it moved to the left. The batteries for energy storage were on the driver’s side immediately before the high floor section. The production buses have them immediately after the front wheel on the door side.

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