Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil

Bus rapid transit in Curitiba, Brazil is originally named Reid Integrada de Transporte (RIT). It was firstly applied in 1974 and it became the pioneer of bus rapid system transit in the world. The basic form of the high-tech bus was created in 1887; it was a tram heaved by mule. In 1910, it was startlingly powered by electricity. The design and power system has always been developed until today. RIT with biofuel power is also available now.

Rede Integrada de Transporte 300x224 Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil

rede integra de transporte, map master plan MRT

Some routes of RIT are available and each of them is used for different functions. The routes are such as an express route with greater speed, inter-neighborhood, direct lines that provide quick links for two points, inter-hospitals that specially made as major hospitals link, tourism line for tourism attractions, etc transporte coletivo 300x199 Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil Other Post : Tips to Make A Long Bus Ride More ComfortableRethinking Public TransportationTips on Riding on a Bus

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