OEV, Future Transportation System

OEV or Online Electric Vehicle is a type of vehicle utilizing electromagnetic induction as a power source. In 2010, some scientists from Korea released a public transportation system called “recharging road”. To supply the power, there are strips of electric power buried under the road and then connected to the main grid.

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However, this system is still in development. Some parties said that this system still needs some improvement. However, they are optimistic that this Online Electric Vehicle system will be effective and can be applied in some countries. Because this system does not use fossil fuel, so it can save energy and does not produce harmful pollutant.

Online Electric Vehicle 300x195 OEV, Future Transportation System

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Trolleybus, Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley

Trolleybus has so many names such as trolley coach, trackless trolley, trackless tram and trolley, which is a type of bus that uses electricity as a power source. The electricity is harvested from wires placed overhead. For the electrical circuit, this bus needs a couple of sires and poles. Many people are still confused about the differences between trolley bus and streetcar or tram because those two types of transportations use almost similar track.

Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley 300x225 Trolleybus, Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley


Streetcar or tram needs only one pole and wire, while the trolley bus needs two wires and poles. Trolley bus is not using a battery, so it relies only on the electricity it gets from the wires overhead. Today, about 315 systems of trolleybus are still used. About 45 countries still have this transportation system.

Trolleybus 300x213 Trolleybus, Trolley Coach or Trackless Trolley

model trolleybus

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Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil

Bus rapid transit in Curitiba, Brazil is originally named Reid Integrada de Transporte (RIT). It was firstly applied in 1974 and it became the pioneer of bus rapid system transit in the world. The basic form of the high-tech bus was created in 1887; it was a tram heaved by mule. In 1910, it was startlingly powered by electricity. The design and power system has always been developed until today. RIT with biofuel power is also available now.

Rede Integrada de Transporte 300x224 Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil

rede integra de transporte, map master plan MRT

Some routes of RIT are available and each of them is used for different functions. The routes are such as an express route with greater speed, inter-neighborhood, direct lines that provide quick links for two points, inter-hospitals that specially made as major hospitals link, tourism line for tourism attractions, etc transporte coletivo 300x199 Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil Other Post : Tips to Make A Long Bus Ride More ComfortableRethinking Public TransportationTips on Riding on a Bus


Jual Beli Bus priwisata

Buslovers – Sebelum tidur teringat saya, bagaiman bikin website or blog yang berisi jual beeli bus. Kelihatanya sangat menarik untuk par perusahaan bus yang ingin menjual armada bus secara online. Mungkin beberapa hari ke depan akan saya create sebuah website mengenai jual beli bus online indonesia dan dunia. Para pecinta bus busa mengUpload gambar bus di buslover, sedangkan pepmbeli bisa melihat daganan dan langsung kontak penjualnya. Mantap . . .


Rethinking Public Transportation

Buslovers – In many developing countries, public transportations seem like a transportation mode only for low and middle class society. People who have more money and are able to afford a town car may prefer to use a car for their daily mobile activity. However, public transportation is actually potential to be one of a few thing in a big city that can be developed into a much larger number and larger profit. If we take a look at a few developing countries, like India, Brazil, Thailand, Columbia, or Indonesia, public transportation is probably their main problem, especially in some big cities like Bogota, Jakarta, and Bangkok. Public transportation is actually a potential sector that can be developed into very good public facilities. In this case, a good public transportation system can also bring some more profit to the government and of course, a better economic condition of the city.

Public Transportation 300x225  Rethinking Public Transportation

If we have some consideration about which one of a few kind of public transportation is much preferred by some developing countries, the bus is probably one of the most favorite ones. For example, the Transjakarta that brings along almost thousands of people every day through Jakarta shows that bus is having a certain place for the people of Jakarta. public transportation cartoon, public transportation in malaysia, public transportation logoIn other city like Bangkok, railway is probably one of the best public transportation that they can get. It will all depend on how the society depends on public transportation.

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Traveling with Bus across the States

Buslsover ~ Some people usually much preferred to travel by plane. However, if you want to have a different experience with traveling, bus is probably the best alternative way for you to enjoy your travel? Traveling in a bus across the states is probably one of the best things that you can do with your friends and families. You can start from your home and ride with a bus. For example, if you live in Georgia or South Carolina, you can have a ride along the states to California. This is going to be a lot of fun if you enjoy your trip. You can take a public bus and have a ticket from a city to another easily. You can also have your own bus to travel. If you want to rent a bus, you can start to pick a bus rental from now on. If necessary, try to use a double Decker bus to make sure that you enjoy your trip.

Traveling with Bus across the States 300x213 Traveling with Bus across the States            Traveling in a bus can be fun. You can bring along your friends and family. In fact, you can also have some kind of road travel with the people that you love. In addition, you can do many things along the trip, for example, you can stop by the gas station and having a party in the store, or even having a party on the side of the road. We all know that those activities are breaking the rules, but you can imagine how fun they could be. Start to plan your bus trip right now and prepare anything to make sure that you all go to have some fun.

traveling through states with firearms 300x225 Traveling with Bus across the States

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Things to Do on a Bus Traveling

Buslovers – Traveling by bus is probably quite a boring thing to some people. However, if you do certain thing along the road, your travel by bus can be very fun. Here are a few things that you can do to make your bus traveling becomes a lot more fun. The first thing that you will have to consider is about the preparation. You can bring along something, like a pillow or even am air bed to make your trip even more comfortable, if it is necessary, do not forget to bring along your friend so that you will not get bored along the road. In addition, make sure that your MP3 is not left behind. Just in case you can also bring your hand held game, net book, books, or anything that can make you feel comfortable.

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Sitting for hours in a bus can be quite tiring. Make sure that you do certain things that can make yourself even more comfortable. Try to talk to people around you to make things even much more relaxed. If you do not want to have some problems with other passengers, try to relax and be patient until the bus gets to its destination. When the bus stops for a gas or something, try to get out of the bus and get some fresh air. Buy some crispy biscuit to make sure that you are not going to be very hungry for the next couple of hours. Another tip is to stay calm and do not make any noises. Make sure that your seat mate is comfortable with you so that you will also be comfortable with yourself.

annoying things to do on a bus Things to Do on a Bus Traveling

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