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Buslovers – Beberapa foto bus di indonesia bisa di lihat pada waktu menajak kawan, saya dapat imege bas indonesia ini form busmania . . . beberapa photo foto bus bisa di lihat dan di unduh para busmania indonesia. Bus yang berada di galelery buslovers adalah bus tunggal daya, foto bus muncul patas semarang solo, bus raya indah yang mempunya trayek semarang – solo dengan coretan warna putih dan merah kawan. Serta bus asli dari wonogiri yaitu bus sedya mulya dan langsung jaya serta banyak lagi yang berada di gallery bus indonesia . . . berikut image bus indonesia :

Bus Argentina bisa di lihat di gambar di bawah ini kawan . . .

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Semoga dengan koleksi bus ini, kawan semakin cinta dengan transportasi umum . . . ;p dan semua akan cinta dengan transportasi umum dan bisa mengurangi kemacetan kawan . . .

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Bus Pariwisata Sempati Stars

Buslovers – Bus ini bisa di temui di banda aceh darusalam rekan, bus sempati stars dibalut dengan warna kuning merona kawan ;p …. siapa yang punya photo bus sempati star monggo di shared di sini kawan dan bisa menambah koleksi teman – teman buslovers di seluruh indonesia dan dunia . . . .  berikut image bis sempati star from banda aceh kawan :
Sempati Stars patas executive banda aceh 300x225 Bus Pariwisata Sempati Stars



Sempati Stars buslovers aceh darusalam 300x225 Bus Pariwisata Sempati Stars

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Rute NICE Executive Express

With the request from our valued readers, Jom Naik Bas! with the assistance of our good friend from Konsortium Transnasional Berhad (KTB), presents a list of routes served by NICE Executive Coaches. NICE or Nationwide Inter-City Executive Express operates three different class segments under its brand – NICE, NICE++ and NICE2. NICE is a subsidiary of KTB.

The basic NICE Executive Coach has a capacity of 29 passengers, in a ‘2+1’ seating configuration. Three overhead LCD monitors screens movies for the passengers’ entertainment during the journey. Light refreshments for passengers are served by the steward/stewardess, at no extra cost. NICE Executive Coaches are currently serving the following routes:

  • KUALA LUMPUR – KUANTAN – DUNGUN – KUALA TERENGGANU **Newly introduced on 13 March 2010**

NICE++ is an enhancement over the basic NICE coaches. With only 26 seats in the ‘2+1’ seating layout, every luxurious seat comes equipped with a personal entertainment system. The reduced seats on the NICE++ coach mean more legroom for every passenger onboard. Of course, light refreshments for passengers are served by the onboard steward/stewardess. The following routes are currently served by the NICE++ Executive Coach:


The last class segment of the NICE services is NICE2, exclusively operated on high-deck and double-deck buses. NICE2 buses are similar to the basic NICE coaches. These buses are currently deployed on the following route:


Travelling on NICE coaches has its perks. As a member of its privileged membership program, you are entitled to collect and redeem reward points for tickets and gifts. For more information on NICE coach services, ticketing and schedules, please contact your nearest NICE counters or the KTB Hotline at (+60) 1300 888 582, or visit their website at

Ticketing Outlet For Nice Executive Coach:


Klang Valley

  • Ticketing Counter 1A,
    Terminal Klang Sentral,
    Meru, Klang.
  • Counter 9 & 10 Departure Hall,
    KL City Air Terminal,
    KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Counter 21,22 & 82,
    Hentian Puduraya,
    Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Transnasional Counter
    - Hentian Puduraya
    - Hentian Putra
    - Hentian Duta
  • Mezzanine Floor,
    Old Railway Station Building,
    Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Counter 5,
    Terminal Pekeliling,
    Off Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Stesen LRT Plaza Rakyat,
    Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.


  • 8A, Tanjung Marina,
    Jalan Pengkalan Weld,
    Georgetown, Penang.
  • Counter 14,
    Terminal Pengangkutan Sementara,
    Penang Sentral, Butterworth.
  • Counter 39,
    Terminal Bas Ekspres Sungai Nibong,
    Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Penang.


  • Lot PTB No 20708,
    (Sultan Ismail International Airport City Lounge)
    Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru (KOTARAYA 2).
  • Plusliner Counter,
    BT 24, Ground Floor,
    Kompleks Pengangkutan Larkin, Johor Bahru.
  • Transnasional Counter,
    BT 21-23,
    Kompleks Pengangkutan Larkin, Johor Bahru.
  • Transnasional Counter,
    Stesen Bas Segamat,
    Segamat, Johor.


  • Transnasional Counter,
    Terminal SKMK Langgar,
    No 4032 , Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,
    Langgar, Kota Bharu.
  • Transnasional Counter,
    Terminal SKMK Bandar Kota Bharu,
    Jalan Pendek, Kota Bharu.


  • Transnasional Counter,
    Counter No 8,
    Stesen Bas Mukim Kuala Dungun, Dungun.
  • Transnasional Counter,
    GF B97, Hentian Bas MBKT,
    Jalan Masjid Abidin, Kuala Terengganu.


  • Plusliner Counter,
    Counter 8 Level 1,
    Kompleks Terminal Makmur, Kuantan.
  • Lot 3 & 10,
    MS Garden Hotel Kuantan,
    Lorong Gambut,
    Jalan Berserah, Kuantan.



  • Plusliner Counter,
    Counter P,
    Terminal Bas Shahab Perdana,
    Jalan Sultanah Sambungan, Alor Setar.




  • Lobby Copthorne Orchid Hotel,
    214, Dunearn Road,
    Tel : 02-6256 5755




Service & Comfort

  • Executive Lounge at Terminal*
  • Onboard Steward and Stewardess
  • Personal digital entertainment**
  • Onboard refreshment, pillow, blanket and hot towel
  • Charter Nice Executive Coach for business trips, meetings, holidays and many more.



Express Bus Agencies Association

BusloversEBAA or the Express Bus Agencies Association is a Singapore-based association made up of several big players in the express bus market segment. It was established in 2003 to bring together express bus operators and establishments related to the industry, to enhance efficiency and cooperation among the member companies.Express Bus Agencies Association malaysia and singapore 300x87 Express Bus Agencies Association

With the objective of promoting goodwill, fostering cooperation and understanding among its members, EBAA is also set up with the aim at assisting its members in case of disputes, coming up with recommendations to the relevant authorities in relation to any measures that may be taken involving its members, offer assistance and advice to parties or organisations interested in the express bus trade and tourism as well as to bring together persons engaged or connected to the express bus trade, so that they may, by cooperation and mutual exchange of ideas and views, advance the interests of the members and the association.

Currently, EBAA has almost 30 active members under its wings, comprising a fair share of licensed express bus operators and companies which are related to the industry such as travel and tour agencies, bus body manufacturer, workshops offering general maintenance as well as an insurance firm. Among the household names under the EBAA includes Five Stars Tours, Konsortium Express & Tours, Luxury Tours & Travel, Sri Maju Tours & Travel, Transtar Travel, WTS Travel & Tours, Lapan Lapan Travel, ComfortDelgro Bus, BusPlus, Nam Ho Travel, Resorts World Genting and SC Auto Industries.

Among the initiatives taken by EBAA is the introduction of insurance cover scheme for passengers travelling on buses operated by EBAA member companies. A similar scheme has also been introduced exclusively for all drivers, stewards, stewardess and tour guides employed by members of the association, in particular the express bus and coach operators.

Travel Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (TPAIS)

Known as the Travel Personal Accident Insurance Scheme or TPAIS, the value-added scheme covers an extensive range of benefits for all passengers travelling on buses operated by EBAA members. EBAA will guarantee that claims arising from any incidents will be processed and finalised within 2 weeks. Passengers must produce the insurance coupon as issued to them in order to make a claim or to enjoy the benefits provided. Chartis Insurance is the underwriter for the TPAIS insurance protection scheme.
Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS)

Another group of people who are protected under the insurance protection scheme introduced by EBAA are the frontline staff of the express bus and coach operators, namely the drivers, cabin crews and tour guides who will be travelling onboard the buses as well. The scheme covers all employees from Malaysia, Singapore and foreign nationals. The GPAIS insurance protection scheme is underwritten by Chartis Insurance.

Intercity Bus Terminal

The concept of a one-stop intercity bus terminal catering to all express buses to and from Malaysia is not new. EBAA has been constantly championing the cause in order to enhance operations and efficiency for the operators and at the same time providing comfort and convenience for commuters travelling by bus. The intercity bus terminal will be equipped with an array of amenities such as retail and F&B outlets, and possibly a transit hotel to be located within the development. Foreign private investors may be invited to participate in the project, if local authorities agree to the concept of an intercity bus terminal in Singapore.

Travel Malaysia 2010 Fair

Express Bus Agencies Association 200x300 Express Bus Agencies Association

To know more about the Travel Malaysia 2010 fair, read more here.


EBAA welcomes any interested establishments to join the association. With a low membership fee, a member is entitled to numerous benefits that are bound to be gained in the short- and long-term. EBAA is aiming to be the voice representing the express bus and coach operators and its supporting industries, and a catalyst to increase cooperation and efficiency among its members. To know more on how to become a member of EBAA, do visit their homepage at


Citybus Special Hino HS3KRKA

Buslovers – Hino citybus HS3KRKA akan di bahas di buslover dan banyak yang akan di kupas di buslovers kawan seperti trans island bus service dan hino engine serta hino motor. and berikut ulasan tentang bus in malaysia and singapore . . . 

During the mid-1990s, Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS and now known as SMRT Buses) brought in European buses in large numbers, as opposed to their Japanese fleet which has been the flagship since they began operations in 1983. However, in early 1998, TIBS unexpectedly introduced a demonstrator unit from Hino Motors – the Hino HS3KRKA.Hino HS3KRKA for sale 300x200 Citybus Special Hino HS3KRKA

In 1998, Hino Motors launched a campaign to attract orders for their new HS3KRKA rear-engined citybus chassis. As part of their marketing campaign, Hino opted for Volgren Australia’s CR221 bodywork to be fitted on 2 demonstrator units. The assembly works were contracted to Malaysia’s Gemilang Coachwork, a licensee of Volgren Australia. One unit was destined for TIBS of Singapore, whereas the other unit will be delivered to Intrakota of Kuala Lumpur, the predecessor of RapidKL. The TIBS unit was to be the first such bus to be assembled by Gemilang Coachwork for Singapore.

The Malaysian example entered service with Intrakota sometime in late-1998. Although it was eventually purchased by the operator, Hino did not receive any follow-up orders from Malaysia. The bus, registered WGH980, continued operating for Nadi Putra for nearly a decade long, until it was sold to Penang-based Milan Travel sometime in 2007-2008. After a brief stint with Milan Travel, it was stored at an undisclosed location, purportedly due to maintenance issues with the bus. It was again spotted on the roads in 2009, only to be permanently withdrawn from revenue service shortly after, citing high operating costs and extensive maintenance issues. WGH980 remains the only HS3KRKA chassis to be registered in Malaysia till today.

Back in Singapore, the TIBS example was registered as TIB905Y on 21st January 1998. The bus was the first Volgren-bodied unit for TIBS and the third Volgren-bodied example in Singapore, after the Volvo B10BLE demonstrator SBS1688K and the Mercedes-Benz O405G articulated bus demonstrator SBS999U. It features the signature CR221 front design and like other buses in TIBS fleet then, the airconditioning unit was located beneath the bus. This arrangement is opposed to the Nadi Putra’s example whose airconditioning unit was placed on the roof. It has a seating capacity for 41 passengers and standing space for another 39. Seats were procured from Vogel-Sitze and the airconditioning was provided by Konvekta.

Derived from the domestic Blue Ribbon model from Japan, the Hino HS3KRKA is a rear-engined bus chassis. The design of the chassis allows a lower-than-usual floor height when compared to other Japanese buses in the 1990s. However, with the airconditioning unit located underfloor, the overall floor height in the saloon was significantly higher than WGH980. Apart from being the first low-floor citybus chassis with air suspension by Hino for Singapore, it was also the most powerful diesel-powered bus then. It’s engine capacity – a whopping 13-litres! Powered by the Hino K13U engine, it meets the Euro-2 exhaust emission standards, effectively becoming the greenest Japanese bus in Singapore back then. The engine produces a maximum power output of 270 PS, with maximum torque output at 932 Nm. The bus is fitted with the 4-speed ZF4HP500 automatic gearbox.

In its early days, TIB905Y was deployed on Service 854. It was to be transferred to Kranji Depot and remained a permanent fleet of Feeder Service 941 at Bukit Batok. Hino enjoyed small success with the trial unit as TIBS placed orders for a further 11 units of the bus. The production examples were of the modified HS3K chassis, coded as HS3KRKK and fitted with similar Volgren Australia’s CR221 bodywork featuring a modified ‘smiley’ front. TIB905Y itself was re-fitted with new multi-coloured seats which is now a common feature in SMRT Buses.

Special thanks to for the opportunity to document this unique bus, during the Hino HS3KRKA tour organised by them last week.

Technical Specifications (provided by and Terence Au)

  • Make: Hino Motors
  • Model: HS3KRKA (Japanese Domestic Model – Blue Ribbon)
  • Bodywork: Volgren Australia CR221 (Assembled by Gemilang Coachwork)
  • Length: 11.8m
  • Width: 2.5m
  • Height: 3.2m
  • Wheelbase: 5.2m
  • Unladen Weight: 10,960kg
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 16,000kg
  • Engine: 13-litres K13U, Euro-2 diesel engine
  • Power: 270 PS @ 199 kW
  • Transmission: ZF 4HP500 4-speed automatic
  • Airconditioning: Konvekta
  • Passenger Capacity: 41 seated, 39 standees
  • Registration: TIB905Y

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PO Sri Maju

Buslovers – All about buses Sri maju Malaysia and Singapore, kantor pusat bus sri maju (Malaysia) +604 332 7718, (Singapore) +65 6333 1948. Bas Sri Maju ini bisa di temukan di malaysia dan singapore kawan, bus di dominasi berwarna biru ,,, dengan tulisan Sri Maju berwarna kuning, and berikut image buses Sri Maju. Buslovers mempunyai image bus sri maju scania double decker kawan …

Traveling by express bus might not be an ideal choice to many 2 decades ago. However, with improved road transport system, which cuts down traveling time and the availability of super comfortable buses, this mode of transport is gaining popularity for city to city traveling and inter neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Haadyai, Thailand not withstanding high toll charges and increasing fuel costs. Sri Maju is aware of the ever changing needs of travelers. To receive the JUST REWARD (that is more and more members of the public uses her services), Sri Maju is a Safe, Secure and Reliable Service oriented express bus company. Some key fundamentals are seriously observed such as:

Comprehensive & wider routes coverage
Big fleet of buses
Well-maintained buses
Well-trained and disciplined staff/ crews
In-house supportive & caring teams with good infrastructure
Started with just one bus in 1978, our founding Directors, Dato Yeoh Kian Teik, Mr Ng Yot Chew & Madam Loh Yin Mooi have since transformed Sri Maju into one of the largest private express bus company from Perak, Malaysia. Under their leadership, Sri Maju has become a major player in the bus transport industry.

Currently Sri Maju has a fleet of 128 buses plying the West Coast of Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand and has offices in Haadyai, Alor Star, Butterworth, Penang, Lumut, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands, Johore and Singapore.

Sri Maju has been serving travelers both from Singapore /Malaysia for more than 25 years. To our regular clients, Sri Maju means “Safety, Reliability & Quality”.

In terms of SAFETY, Sri Maju is the first bus transport company that has voluntarily subjected her buses to Quarterly Inspection by puspakom (a privatised company appointed by the Malaysia Government to inspect and regulate vehicle road worthiness). Compared to the compulsory inspections twice yearly required by the Authority. Besides, our experienced drivers are well trained and they are safety conscious.


Sri Maju buses have a reputation of leaving and arriving on scheduled time so, to our customers, they have peace of mind knowing the bus they are traveling in is punctual. Being a sensitive and social responsible operator, Sri Maju caters for different income group by providing Mega Luxurious buses – High Decker 21 seaters with personal TV screen & individual entertainment system of the latest English and Asian movies & music, 25 seaters and normal buses with 36 seats. To ensure our customers’ COMFORT, all of our buses plying the Singapore route are of 21 & 25 seater type. These 21 & 25 seaters offer you super luxurious seats with lumbar support coupled with plenty of leg room for you to stretch out your legs and relax. Sri Maju operates along the Plus highway, federal road, Woodlands causeway and TUAS causeway catering to our clienteles’ convenience.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, try us to enjoy the comfortable trip & save the hassles of driving. Sit back and relax to watch the recent movies. In short, Sri Maju is truly a neighborhood express that renders you Quality, Safety, Reliability & Comfort.


In addition to the express service we also provide charter service and tour packages.

picture of stagecoach single decker bus, double decker bus for sale, double decker bus games, double decker bus manufacturersCharter Service/Tour Packages

Sri Maju provides pleasant and reliable charter with trips for groups more than 20 to travel around Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. Specially tailored group tour packages and free & easy packages are also available. Here are some of the reasons why our services are the No.1 preferred choice to most:-

Well Trained Drivers and Staff

Our skillful, friendly drivers and staff are ready to serve you better whether they are on the road or from any of our offices. Our aim is to provide total satisfaction to our clients observing Safeness & Comfort.

Reasonable Fares

Our competitive pricing allow us to compete in the market, it is so affordable & reasonable to our clients from all walks of life be it professionals & non professionals.

Charter services / Tour packages include local & long distance travel for single or multiple days trip tailored to your needs.

Just drop by our office at 01-17 & 01-18 Golden Mile Complex , Beach Road, Singapore 199588 or call us at 02-62948228 or e mail to us at

Our office in Ipoh is at No 2, Jalan Bendahara, 31650 Ipoh, Perak D Ridzuan or call us at 05-2538898.

We will be pleased to furnish you with more information. source :

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PO Putra Remaja

Buslovers – Bus asli jogja bernama putra remaja adalah perusahaan otobus milik bapak Sutikno yang berdiri sejak tahun 1980, sama seperti tahun motor saya yaitu tahun 1980 CB k5. PO Putra Remaja melayani trayek Yogyakarta – Sumatra, dan mela yani bus pariwisata juga kawan. Pada awal perusahaan ini muncul sekitar tahun 1980 hanya memiliki 4 armada bus saja dan sekarang seiring berjalanya waktu sudah memiliki 150 ‘ an bus. Sejarah bus putra remaja mungkin hanya sedikit yang bisa kami sampaikan kepada bismania nusantara, baca juga sejarah buses Sinar Jaya kawan berikut visi misi perusahaan otobus putra remaja :

Visi perusahaan otobus Putra Remaja :
Menjadi perusahaan penyedia layanan transportasi yang terdepan dalam kualitas layanan dan armada, serta senantiasa menjadi sahabat para penumpang dalam perjananan.

Misi Perusahaan Otobus Putra Remaja :

Menyediakan layanan transportasi dan menjadi sahabat penumpang dalam perjalanan dengan memberikan layanan prima
Selalu memberikan kenyamanan dan keamanan bagi para penumpang dengan senantiasa menggunakan armada bus dan teknologi terbaru
Memberikan pengalaman menikmati perjalanan yang nyaman, mewah dan aman kepada para penumpang dengan harga yang kompetitif

Trayek bus putra remaja : 

- Solo-Lampung
- Solo-Palembang
- Solo-Jambi
- Yogyakarta-Merak
- Yogyakarta-Lampung
- Yogyakarta-Baturaja
- Yogyakarta-Lubuk Linggau
- Yogyakarta-Palembang
- Yogyakarta-Jambi

bus pariwisata jogja murah, bus putra remaja, tiket putra remaja, putra remaja buslovers


Jl. Ring Road Barat Demak Ijo No.15 Yogyakarta
Telp: 0274 – 621322, 621308
Fax: 0274 – 625656

Putra Remaja berkantor pusat di jalan demak di ring road barat kawan, semoga informasi ini menambah pengetahuan anda kawan, trayek putra remaja bisa di lihat di list di atas dan sejarah bus putra remaja juga ada di buslovers. Baca Juga profile buses luragung jwa barat.

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