Facts and Figures Volvo B9R

volvo b9r 300x160 Facts and Figures Volvo B9R

Buslover Frame Buses B9R

Steel frame with flat upper face, making
bodybuilding easy.
Volvo D9B in Euro 5 configuration is available with 380 hp (1700 Nm). Volvo D9B for Euro 3 and Euro 4 is available with 340 hp (1600 Nm) or 380 hp (1700 Nm).

Volvo I-Shift, automatic gearchanging system, available with a choice of gearchanging programs and functions. Manual 6-speed gearbox is available as an alternative to I-Shift.

Rear axle
Rear axle with a wide range of ratios for best performance within each application area.

All-round air suspension. Antiroll bars on both axles as standard.

Braking system
Volvo electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS). ESP (Electronic Stability Program). Volvo compact retarder and Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) are optional.

Driver’s environment
The driver’s cab is ergonomically designed and features conveniently positioned controls, easily adjustable seat and an adjustable steering wheel.

Fuel tanks. 2×150, 300 and 400 litres.
Transport wheelbase 3.25 m. Can be built with bodies up to 13 m in length.

Total capacity
Maximum permitted gross weight 19 000 kg depending on application and local legislation.
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Green and Efficient Fuel-efficientVolvo B9R chassis D9B engine 2009 300x120 BUSES VOLVO B9R The Volvo D9B has been engineered from the outset to provide high fuel efficiency and low particulate emissions. In order to also reduce
emissions of nitrogen oxides to very low levels, it is equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for treatment of the exhaust gases. Another benefit is that SCR has a positive effect on fuel consumption. Customers who have chosen Volvo buses with SCR have seen fuel consumption improve by as much as in average 9 percent relative to the Euro 3 buses.

Meets Euro 5
Volvo’s latest diesel engine, the Volvo D9B, is equipped with electronically controlled unit injectors and an overhead camshaft, which contributes to low fuel consumption and low emissions. The Volvo D9B meets emission requirements according to Euro 5. The engine is also available in versions that meet the Euro 4 and Euro 3 standards.
Economical driving
The Volvo B9R is equipped with Volvo I-Shift, our automated gearchanging
system which has become such a huge success in both the bus and truck worlds. Volvo I-Shift combines the reliability of the manual gearbox with the automatic transmission’s convenience and smoothness. Thanks to precise gearchanges and low internal frictional losses, Volvo I-Shift contributes to economical driving. What is more, Volvo I-Shift offers quiet and smooth gearchanges. Manual 6-speed gearbox is available as an alternative to I-Shift.
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d7e 290 euro 41 300x44 VOLVO BUSES When PRODUCTIVITY COUNT

Buslovers APProved for todAy’s And tomorrow’s environmental requirement

Thanks to its high efficiency rating, the D7E has low emissions. The

exhaust gases are cleaned still further with the help of SCR (Selective

Catalytic Reduction) technology. With this method, an additive called

AdBlue is injected into the exhaust gases before they pass through an

SCR catalyst where the nitrogen oxides are transformed into harmless

nitrogen gas and water vapour. As a result, the emissions are so low

that the engine meets the EU’s Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive) and EEV*

(Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) emissions classes. Since

the exhaust treatment takes place without affecting the engine’s combustion, this also means that fuel consumption is lower compared with Euro 3.

Precise injection for efficient fuel utilisAtion

In the D7E, injection takes place using common rail technology. The

fuel is injected at high pressure through a single pipe (common rail).

The engine’s functions are controlled electronically with the help of

Volvo EMS 2 (Engine Management System), so pressure and timing

can be regulated with immense precision. As a result, combustion

can always be optimised to suit driving conditions, thus contributing

to excellent driveability. The engine management unit is linked to the

vehicle electronic system. This provides advanced scope for diagnosis

and fault-tracing.

Components And Oil System Dimensioned for Long Service Life

The cylinder block and cylinder head are made of cast iron, which results

in a strong yet lightweight unit. The engine’s moving parts are all built to

handle long-term stresses. The lubrication system in the D7E guarantees

effective lubrication and cooling of all the engine’s systems. The geardriven oil pump ensures oil flow under all operating conditions. A separate

oil circuit for piston cooling guarantees cooling from idling revs and upwards. All this together gives the D7E high reliability and a long service life. volvo turbo1 300x257 VOLVO BUSES When PRODUCTIVITY COUNT

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Buses Volvo B7R

Buslovers will menbahas about volvo B7R buses on powerful brakes and a well adapted powertrain, how work the high degree of ride comfort to meet the emission standards, It meets the Euro 5 emissions requirements 3/Euro 4/Euro. How to work on the engine volvo B7R
Powerful brakes, A well adapted powertrain, high degree of ride comfort Components Volvo B7R
Modern, powerful and fuel-efficient

U2005 1127 com1 300x120 Buses Volvo B7R

volvo B7R

The engine in the Volvo B7R, the Volvo D7, is a modern 7-litre, six-cylinder common rail diesel engine with a turbocharger and an intercooler. It meets the Euro 3/Euro 4/Euro 5 emissions requirements.

Powerful brakes
The brakes on the B7R are of the same effective type as fitted to Volvo’s larger buses. The brake area totals 6,865 cm² and they offer high safety, immense durability and long service life. ABS anti-locking brakes are available as an option to further enhance safety levels. Asbestos-free brake linings have long been fitted as standard on all Volvo buses.

A well adapted powertrain
The rest of the powertrain is adapted to enable the engine to provide as much power as possible. There are two automatic transmissions from which to choose. Both feature an integral retarder for enhanced braking capacity. There is also a choice of two manual gearboxes from Volvo. Both the manual and the automatic transmissions have been developed to provide the best possible driveability and to harness the maximum power from the engine.

High degree of ride comfort
 The Volvo B7R is fitted with air suspension, which effectively compensates for irregularities in the road surface and offers a high degree of ride comfort. Stabilizers are fitted as standard on both the front and rear axles, minimizing the tendency to roll.
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Terminal Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah

Buslovers Terminal Sukoharjo Terletak di Kabupaten Sukoharjo, terletak sebelum kota sukoharjo jika dari arah selatan (Wonogiri) terminal ini kecil, terminal sukoharjo aktif pada pagi dan siang hari, jam 5 terminal ini sudah sepi, petugaspun juga sudah  pulang dari kerja. Terminal sukoharjo

terminal sukoharjo 300x121 Terminal Sukoharjo Jawa Tengah
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Buses S91 Spezifikation

Buslovers Molitus S91-Busse
In der kurzen, Low-Entry-Bereich Irisbus Iveco geliefert Kunden mit dem E91, bei seinem ungarischen Standort Fertigungsmethoden hergestellt. Nachdem die Produktion der E91 beendet hatte, nahm die S91, eine neue, moderne Bus, seinen Platz. Die S91 wird von Webasto Ungarn in Partnerschaft mit Molitus und Raab zur Verfügung gestellt. Dieser Bus ist eine kleine Low-Entry acht Meter, die auf einer Rába Fahrwerk eingebaut ist, mit einem Mercedes-Motor. Dieser Bus ist ideal für die engen Gassen des historischen Orten / Städten oder wenn es eine kleine Anzahl von Passagieren.
S91 02b 300x233 Buses S91 Spezifikation
Die S91-Busse, von denen wir die allgemeine importors, werden bei dieser Länge konkurrenzlos geringe Kapazität Bus Abwechslung für Stadt-, Überland-Service. Dieser Bus rundet unser Angebot Linie von Irisbus Iveco und Beulas Busse.
length 7 905mm, width 2 380mm
height without air conditioning 2 800mm, with air conditioning 2 970mm
entrance step height 330mm
wheel base 3 650mm
total weight 9 850kg S91 01b 300x200 Buses S91 Spezifikationengine s91,busus europa,euro 4 buses

OM 904 LA E4 Daimler-Chrysler
power 115 kW (156 hp)/2200 rpm
torque 610 Nm/1200 – 1600 rpm
stroke volume: 4,25 l
SCR system, nox sensor, EURO 4

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Bus Irisbus Iveco CROSSWAY LE CITY 12M

Buslovers Bus Irisbus Iveco CROSSWAY LE CITY 12M – 2 Door Die neuen Niederflur-Crossway LE Stadtbus Kette Irisbus Iveco, konstruiert und gebaut in Vysokém Mýtě, ist nach dem ursprünglichen Crossway Bus genannt. Der Crossway LE-Bus erfüllt viele der Anforderungen des Stadtbusses Citelis. Der Crossway LE ist low-Reiten in der Front des Busses, so dass in den Bus einfach und bequem. Das macht auch den Bus erschwinglich. Der Bus ist ebenfalls mit einer Rampe für Behinderte und kneelings-System ausgestattet.

Niedriger Kraftstoffverbrauch, hohe Sicherheit aufzunehmen, Komfort und einfachen Zugang: Die neuen Entwürfe wurden auf die der Karosa B 900 aufgrund seines Erfolgs als Stadt-Bus. Die Irisbus Iveco Crossway LE Stadtbusse ist 12m lang.


length 11 995mm, width 2 550mm, height 3 125mm
maximum load on front axle 6 500kg
maximum load on back axle 11 500kg
front door step height 320mm
middle door step height 330 mm
number of available seats 33-38, up to 75 standing positions

engine Iveco Tector / Cursor 8 (EURO 4)
max. power 194 kW / 243 kW
torque 1 000 Nm / 1 500 Nm
VOITH automatic transmission
MERITOR back axle with easy reduction
wheels with disk breaks, ABS, ASR

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