Buslovers Irresistable Revolution, The Real Urban Bus. As the first low floor city bus in Indonesia, CityLine comes with world class quality, technology and design that will be the highlight of the most modern city of the world. With a low floor design, passengers can access the bus with ease. CityLine could also be equipped with ramp to create freedom for people with limited mobility.

CityLine offers high capacity of passengers: up to 92 passengers. Consistent with the modern exterior, CityLine’s interior design uses aluminium extrusion paneling with integrated stainless steel railing.
Available CityLine with different chassis specification for apron bus, high floor city bus, articulated bus.
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  1. “Bus CityLine | Buslover” ended up being certainly enjoyable and educational!
    In modern society that is difficult to deliver.
    I am grateful, Dwayne

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