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Buslovers City/Suburban chassis Scania
Designed for years of reliable and effective operation along demanding city and suburban routes.

Take a close look at a Scania bus chassis. You immediately sense the quality. We’ve worked hard to make the fine details just right. A perfect driving position begins the chain of integrated ergonomics and automation. Our goal is effortless control, matchless driveability.

Scania’s engines, transmissions and components are proven ingredients in our industry-leading concept of shared components for trucks, buses and coaches. Scania is renowned for exceptional durability and impressive service life, which gives you more hours of uptime and lower operating costs.
K-series chassis
With the flexibility of the Scania K-series it’s possible to build a wide variety of bus types, with varying floor heights and driver positions. And every solution is characterised by the same high level of comfort, reliability, safety and operating economy.

The K-series can be adapted to meet highly varied passenger capacities. Diverse configuration possibilities include 4×2, 6×2, articulated solutions or combinations of these in single- and double-deckers. Additional options include the choice of low-entry or normal floors. Available with a broad range of 5- and 6-cylinder engines, in combination with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic gearboxes.

N-series chassis
The Scania N-series was developed specifically for easy access and smooth passenger flow in demanding city and suburban applications.

Featuring a transverse, rear-mounted engine and a low floor throughout the length of the bus, the N-series is equipped with a Scania rigid front axle that is shared with other Scania products. The range includes two-axle single-deckers for an overall length from 10.5 up to 12.8 metres, 10.7-metre double-deckers, and 18-metre articulated buses. Scania’s 9-litre engine is available in several outputs, from 230-310 hp, all meeting Euro 4 and EEV requirements. Engines designed to run on alternative fuels are also available.

Automatic transmission comes as standard. The gearbox is a 5- or 6-speed ZF unit with an integrated retarder that provides ample braking power almost down to a standstill.

N-series city buses are certified for an external noise level of 77 dBA.
F-series chassis
With its front-mounted engine, the Scania F-series is ideal for tough conditions, where it provides both comfort and high passenger capacity.

When you need a bus for rugged use – with maximum dependability and minimum service requirements – our proven Scania F-series makes the perfect choice. You get a robust solution that has been developed to handle challenging road conditions with generous clearance angles.

Available with 5-cylinder engines, fitted with a 6-speed manual gearbox, in a 4×2 solution that can be ordered in several lengths.

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