CR228 Low Floor Route Bus (14.5 metre)

Buslovers Our second low floor route bus is the 14.5 metre single or double-door bus. This bus has a Co-Bolt aluminum bus body making it stronger, lighter and more energy efficient than a traditional steel bus. The 14.5 metre bus can seat up to 57 passengers and 35 standees depending on the layout.dss CR228 Low Floor Route Bus (14.5 metre)

It has safety features, including :

  • Choice of door safety systems to suit
  • Safety yellow step edges
  • Full height driver’s protection with tinted perspex to top
  • LED interior lighting
  • LED exterior lighting
  • Metagul exterior type mirrors
  • 4 Quartz Halogen headlights
  • Hazard flashers

Other Specifications

  • Bolted intermediate side panels, hinged access panels
  • Fibreglass front and rear panels with 3-piece front & rear bumpers
  • Wheelaches hinged with mechanical props, rubber surround & brush
  • Large rear engine access door, removable corner light modules
  • One-piece curved laminated windscreen – rubber mounted
  • Bonded double tint salon glass, option of lockable hoppers, no rear window
  • Stainless steel interior handrails
  • Light-weight manual flip-out wheel chair ramp
  • Choice of air conditioning system
  • Grey Kydex window pillar facings & surrounds
  • 3mm Lamipanel sheeting to full width of ceiling & sidewalls
  • Heavy-duty vinyl flooring, logo tiles to wheel chair area
  • Optional driver’s door with removable security screen to top
  • Driver’s seat ISRI 6008 adjustable suspension base & lumbar
  • Driver’s sun blinds to front & side
  • Optional AM/FM radio CD PA system with 7 speakers & boom Mic
  • Optional digital surveillance system
  • Electronic destination option 1-3 signs
  • Interior roof mounted multiplexed electrics
  • Wipers Trico 24V system, bottom-mount washer nozzles to arms
  • Lighting to engine compartment
  • Painted in PPG Delfeet
  • Air cleaner intake to roof
  • Front and rear body skids
  • Front tow eye
  • Tail shaft strap
  • Mud flaps
pixel CR228 Low Floor Route Bus (14.5 metre)

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