Fasilitas Perusahaan Lorena

PT. Eka Sari Lorena (ESL EXPRESS)
ESL EXPRESS is a company engaged in the Express Delivery Service who has over 12 years providing service delivery, either by land or air kepelanggan throughout Indonesia. With an integrated network of offices in 76 branches spread in 49 cities and more than 420 agents in 305 cities across Indonesia, and supported by a fleet of more than 150 EXPRESS and 450 ESL’s fleet of Lorena and Karina night bus that operates with a fixed schedule, the one of the strengths and mainstay ESL Express and provide document delivery service, package or cargo quickly, accurately safely and responsibly.

PT. Eka Sari Lorena Airlines
LORENA AIR is the first airline in Indonesia to implement the Integrated Transportation System between air and ground, where the passengers with easy and convenient to travel to regional areas that do not have the airport, only 1 (one) access in Lorena Air.

PT. SARI LORENA is a company engaged in the field of Road Transport and Rental services has grown not only serve the Big Bus vehicles (capacity of 30 seats, 40 seats and 53 seats) and Medium Bus (27 seat capacity) but also serves a small vehicle rental services (such as Avanza , Innova, BMW, Mercedes etc).
Customers can also rent a small vehicle with a wide selection of Rental Systems such as: Long Term Rental and Short Term Rental, with power driver or off key.
With this fleet and services vary, and a commitment to provide best services for customer satisfaction, PT. SARI LORENA (Rent Car Division) is a partner in the implementation of operational Lorena Airlines Transport Feeder for inter-city services, City Check-in passengers, Air Shuttle Shuttle Crew and Employees of Lorena Airlines.

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Lorena Class Executive

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