Foto Pahala Kencana

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Mesin : Hino RK 8
Model: Jetbus
karoseri : AdiPutro
Lokasi : TERMINAL Lebak Bulus
pahala kencana,jetbus,adi putro, hino rk8, lebak bulus

Pahala Kencana
Model : Jupiter
Karoseri : Tentrem
Lokasi : Terminal Ubung
pahala kencana, karoseri temtrem, model jetbus

Pahala Kencana
Terminal : Arjosari Malang

pahala kencana, trayek bus pahala kencana, tiket online pahala kencana

Pahala Kencana Euro 3
pahala kencana, photo pahala kencana, trayek pahala kencana
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  1. pahala kencana plng hebat

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