King Long Buses Shipped To Saudi Arabia

Buslovers – On May 29th, 151 12-meter King Long high-end buses were shipped to Saudi Arabia from Xiamen Port.

These 151 King Long buses, including 145 XMQ6128Y tourist buses and 6 XMQ6127G city buses, are well designed for the extreme climate in Saudi Arabia and 1,300km running per day. The engine, axle and A/C are improved to keep the reliability.
On February 2012, King Long secured the order of 300 high-end buses from Saudi Arabia, including 200 12-meter tourist buses and 100 12-meter city buses, worth of RMB 200 million, of which the 151 buses were the first delivery.saudi buses 300x200 King Long Buses Shipped To Saudi Arabia
King Long has exported high-end buses to Saudi Arabia for nine consecutive years since 2004 and over 2200 King Long buses were used in the country, accounting for 10% of the market shares.

pixel King Long Buses Shipped To Saudi Arabia

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