MAN 24.310, Hong Kong’s Double Deck

Buslovers ~ Maybe, one of the most popular low-floor-double-decker buses is MAN 24.310. This bus can be found when we go to Hong Kong. This bus is different from other low-floor-double-decker models because it has steps on the lower deck near the rear seat. The name of the bus has a meaning; 24 means that the maximum gross weight of the buss is 24 tons and the 310 means that the maximum power of the bus is 310 horsepower.

MAN 24.310 Hong Kong’s Double Deck 300x229 MAN 24.310, Hong Kong’s Double Deck

This bus is operated by Kwoon Chung Motors and it is used for airport transportation service. Since 2002, this bus is controlled by Kowloon Motor Bus. This bus still becomes one of the most favorite transportation services in Hong Kong.

double decker buses 300x225 MAN 24.310, Hong Kong’s Double Deck

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