Buslovers – Third trimester growth (23.2% higher than last year’s figures) is on the back of “continuous and sustainable market growth” as well as business expansion abroad and exports (29.3%).
Consolidated production reached 8 982 units from July to September 2011, 24.3% higher than 7 223 units made in the third trimester 2010. In Brazil, production reached 5 834 units, 17.5% higher than the corresponding period in 2010. Abroad production was 3 148 units, 39.4% higher. India, Argentina and Colombia were highlighted.

CEO José Rubens De La Rosa attributes the company’s strong performance to sound strategic decisions and a R$330million investment programme in modernising industrial equipment, increasing capacity and workforce training.

The fourth trimerster will see “value added products” being made. The outlook for 2012 is positive, with various initiatives on the cards including BRT purchases, expansion of the School Path Program and sports events. Demand is expected to be strong. source :


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