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Buslovers – Anyone understand, every used car parts in the life certainly has. Especially made ​​with the life of teens. Not least the Mercedes-Benz C180 1994 born earlier.
Never mind that is still circulating in the streets, a variant of this compact Mercedes car was born with a weakness in the electrical parts, especially the engine wiring harness alias engine.

Just like Japanese or Korean sedan that has a wiring / harness between the engine and body separate, two-piece C180 made ​​a separate alias between the cable and the machine body.

No need to wait until a dozen years, entered the age of 7-9 years, usually asking for the engine wiring replaced. “Usually begins with a check engine light without cause,” recalls Scott Vincent of the club Mercedes-Benz W202.
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When taken to the garage for diagnostic check use of special equipment, if new light sensors on the machine can not send signals to the ECU (engine control unit).

Logically, because the material that has not qualified the cable, causing the command of the electric pulse was sent from the sensor to the ECU. Entailed the ECU will read any parts that are not functioning normally and make check engine light.

Once the harness is replaced with a full set of genuine products, direct check engine light goes out. “So often customers ask for the cable set for the C-class W202, I got stock in the store,” said Zachary of Alpha Omega in Sawah Besar, West Jakarta.

The price is quite affordable. Mercy for genuine products priced between Rp 4 to 6.5 million pairs not included delivery cost. “In fact, customers can plug their own but are afraid or do not want to risk,” said Zach, her nickname.

Installation cost was pegged $ 500 thousand with a long work between 1-2 hours. The new discovered that many of the old set of wires is brittle or flaky causing resistance or high resistance.

Similarly, when Soni plans to install a turbocharger for his C180, newly replaced engine harness directly to eliminate the ‘false alarm’. “If baseball so, it later turbo supporting electronic devices that we blame when the cable is bad,” said businessman contractor.

Other effects, could affect the ignition and the mass of water associated with the combustion sensor. Cable or harness that has a bad effect on fuel consumption dropped drastically due to ignition and the command of the water mass sensor to the ECU to read the fuel supply to injector change ‘troubled’!

So when it’s wiring harness business, kids club even if the Amendment of the brain-tweaking even to research and build, can not do much apart from the new set to replace the cable.

Indication of abnormality in the harness but wait check engine light can also be monitored from a sudden wasteful fuel consumption or exhaust smoke blackened thick.

“The most secure and easy to come to the workshop are diligent with diagnostic engine for Mercy. electric pulse, mercedes benz check engine, mercedes benz diesel engine, mercedes benz check engine light,

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