Mercedes-Benz Citaro Shuttle Buses

Mercedes Benz thumb Mercedes Benz Citaro Shuttle Buses

The operator of Frankfurt Airport has just put into service a fleet of twenty eight Mercedes-Benz Citaro airfield shuttle buses to facilitate the transport of passengers to and from the airport to the airplanes.

The batch is really comprised of 24 articulated buses and four solo buses, to be utilized in Terminals 1 and 2 of the airport, though there’s a plan to use these to shuttle passengers in the all-new Terminal three of the airport.
Naturally, the operator handpicked the equipment used on the buses to accommodate airport needs and specifications. For this reason, the Citaro series concept was the one chosen by the operator as a result of the modular design allows for the customizations required.

To guarantee that passengers will be able to get in and out of the buses, the solo buses are equipped with 3 doors and therefore the articulated ones have four. The latter sort comes with swinging and sliding second and third doors for additional standing area right behind the door. There also are folding ramps that facilitate the transport of limited mobility passengers.

There is also a flight destination display system mounted within the buses. The system displays relevant flight and route info for the driver and the passengers.

This new fleet of Citaro buses will augment the Frankfurt Airport shuttle bus fleet, that right currently stands at around a hundred units.

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