Mercedez Benz OH 1526 Euro 3

PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI), revive its business in the commercial segment, which markets premium chassis for the bus. As proof, after the launching of the top chassis bus, OH 1526 Euro3, in late January, followed by OH1521 Euro3.

OH1521 specifically for the launch weekend in Bandung, Mercedez Benz Indonesia invites fleet owners on the island of Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumatra, especially from companies otobus (PO) to see and try to direct the bus product. They were also given the opportunity to try OH1526 using 6-cylinder engine or a greater capacity to transport long distances or between provinces.

More Save Money. Actually, OH1521 not totally new product. The new version just launched using the engine already meets the emission standards Euro3 (formerly Euro2). 4-cylinder engine, in addition to environmentally friendly, is also more economical fuel consumption. Based on the specifications issued by MBI, although engine power has not changed, but the torque up 12 percent. The result, more efficient fuel consumption 36 percent.
In the commercial segment, Mercedes-Benz currently rely solely on the chassis for the bus. As for trucks, especially in class 2 ton, no longer come into play. “There have been a coincidence Mitbusihi currently memdominasi truck market in Indonesia and one group with us,” explains Rudi Borgenheimer, CEO and President Director of PT MBI. For this reason, MBI concentration on premium bus chassis.
Three Variants. MBI currently markets three types of chassis for buses, namely OH 1518, OH 1521 and 1525 (now replaced by OH1526). In the first quarter, MBI has managed to sell 130 units in retail chassis, most of the OH1525, 115 units. According to MBI with sales that much, Mercedes-Benz bus chassis market controls 51 percent.
Seeing the development of various categories of vehicle sales during the first quarter of 2010 and the change to the bus passengers trendangkutan large, plus the more vigorous tourism in Indonesia, MBI believes this year could sell at least 850 units of bus chassis.

Further, three variants of the bus chassis which is marketed by Mercedes-Benz, OH1518 to medium-range and close. While OH1521 for medium-range or tourism. While OH1526 for long distances with heavier field. “That’s why we use the greater likelihood engine, 6 cylinder. Energies greater than OH1521, which was launched today, “Rudi.

Both of these new bus chassis, sold for off-road Rp 599 million to 639 million for the OH1521 and OH1526. For the body, Mercedes-Benz believed in some koroseri in Bogor, Magelang and Malang. “Nevertheless, we still control their quality,” explains Yuniadi H. Hartono, Deputy Marketing PT Mercedez Benz Indonesia.

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OH 1521 and OH1526






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