Industrial Engine Agriculture

Fuel system
Scania’s electronic Engine Management System (EMS) was developed in-house, specifically for our engines. It is designed to stand up to heavy use and harsh conditions and is thus extremely dependable. And it makes a major contribution to cutting fuel consumption and emissions.

scania 2 300x60 Industrial Engine Agriculture

The same goes for the Scania XPI injectors, which are at the heart of the most reliable, well-proven fuel injection system on the market. They are designed for tough conditions and can handle fuel of varying quality.

Dual oil filtration system
All Scania engines have a unique oil filtration system that provides maximum filtration and minimum wear. A full-flow paper filter removes large particles while a centrifugal cleaner filters out small particles.

Scania’s oil filtration system remains unchallenged as best-in-class, providing obvious benefits like better operating economy and lower environmental impact.

New emission standards in 2011
Scania offers engines that deliver outstanding operating economy together with the lowest possible environmental impact. In 2011 the stringent emission standards Stage IIIB and Tier 4i will come into force, and when this happens Scania will offer engines that meet these demands.

Pioneering technology for emission control
Scania uses two emission control technologies – EGR and SCR – to handle emissions in the most effective way.

With EGR, exhaust gas recirculation, the intake air is diluted with exhaust gases to reduce NOx formation during combustion. With its Euro 5 EGR inline engines, Scania is the first manufacturer in the world to meet Euro 5 standards without exhaust aftertreatment.

SCR, selective catalytic reduction, is an aftertreatment system where a urea solution (AdBlue) is injected into the exhaust flow, causing a catalytic process that reduces NOx. Also the accelerator response is superior to other solutions, which provides for better driveability.

Scania’s legendary V8 engines are equipped with SCR to take driveability and durability to new heights in the high-output segments. Both technologies are part of Scania’s R&D portfolio for future, even tougher, emission standards.

Technology for other fuels
Scania supports the much-needed shift to renewable fuels. This shift can be achieved with existing technology and with fuels that are already available on the market. Scania has delivered trucks and buses with ethanol engines since the late 1980s, and permits its modern engines to run on up to 100% biodiesel (FAME fuel, e.g. RME). Now our engine customers can benefit from that vast experience.

When the time is right and harvesting has started there is no room for standstills or breakdowns. Now is the time for working round-the-clock until the crop is safely taken care of, and this is when you need a Scania engine to rely on. A tried and tested workhorse that will not let you down.

Enlarge photo Photo: Göran Wink
Sugar cane harvester powered by Scania 12-litre industrial engine

The crop never waits. It has to be taken care of: now. That’s why Scania’s engines are designed and built for the highest demands on reliability, giving a long service life and unbeatable uptime.

And should you need fast service or repair there’s always an authorized Scania workshop nearby. All engines are equally service-friendly, with most of the vital service points easily accessible.

How much power do you need?
Whatever your need, you can be sure Scania has the right engine solution. Do you need a 9-litre inline five-cylinder engine, a 13-litre inline six, or a powerful 16-litre V8? No matter what you choose, you gain the same Scania advantages – like low fuel consumption, low life cycle costs and tried and tested quality.
Moreover, Scania’s engines are extremely compact and carry no unnecessary deadweight. This means they are easy to package and build into all possible types of agricultural machines.

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Sindoro Satria Mas

Buslovers Berikut Foto Poto Bus Sindoro Satria Mas in Terminal Sukoharjo, bus di balut dengan Warna Biru. Bus Sindoro Satria Mas di depan tertuliskan Mercedes Benz, berikut foto bus Sindoro Satria Mas

PT Sindoro Satriamas Bus Pariwisata
PT Sindoro Satriamas: Bus & Rent Car
Alamat: Jl Madukoro Raya 38 (Gedung bengkel Indra buana Lt 2) SEMARANG 50141
Nomor Telepon : 024 7626102 – 7614568
No Fax : 024 – 7617940
Email :

Perusahaan Otobus Sindoro Satria Mas, Cabang di Jl Arteri Yos Sudarso 8 Bandarharjo Semarang Utara SEMARANG 50175 Nomor telp 024 -3556969, 3557363, 3557564, 3557673 dan Jl Sindoro 1 Bendungan Gajah Mungkur SEMARANG 50231 Phone : 024-8448021 Fax : 024-8448021. Perlu Bus Pariwisata.
Jika ada yang perlu di tambahkan silahkan Rekan ;p mercedez maybach, unimog u500, unimog rv,sindoro satria mas legacyBeberapa bus sindoro satriamas, klik gambar bus sindoro untuk memperbanyak gambar :) sindoro
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City/Suburban chassis

Buslovers City/Suburban chassis Scania
Designed for years of reliable and effective operation along demanding city and suburban routes.

Take a close look at a Scania bus chassis. You immediately sense the quality. We’ve worked hard to make the fine details just right. A perfect driving position begins the chain of integrated ergonomics and automation. Our goal is effortless control, matchless driveability.

Scania’s engines, transmissions and components are proven ingredients in our industry-leading concept of shared components for trucks, buses and coaches. Scania is renowned for exceptional durability and impressive service life, which gives you more hours of uptime and lower operating costs.
K-series chassis
With the flexibility of the Scania K-series it’s possible to build a wide variety of bus types, with varying floor heights and driver positions. And every solution is characterised by the same high level of comfort, reliability, safety and operating economy.

The K-series can be adapted to meet highly varied passenger capacities. Diverse configuration possibilities include 4×2, 6×2, articulated solutions or combinations of these in single- and double-deckers. Additional options include the choice of low-entry or normal floors. Available with a broad range of 5- and 6-cylinder engines, in combination with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic gearboxes.

N-series chassis
The Scania N-series was developed specifically for easy access and smooth passenger flow in demanding city and suburban applications.

Featuring a transverse, rear-mounted engine and a low floor throughout the length of the bus, the N-series is equipped with a Scania rigid front axle that is shared with other Scania products. The range includes two-axle single-deckers for an overall length from 10.5 up to 12.8 metres, 10.7-metre double-deckers, and 18-metre articulated buses. Scania’s 9-litre engine is available in several outputs, from 230-310 hp, all meeting Euro 4 and EEV requirements. Engines designed to run on alternative fuels are also available.

Automatic transmission comes as standard. The gearbox is a 5- or 6-speed ZF unit with an integrated retarder that provides ample braking power almost down to a standstill.

N-series city buses are certified for an external noise level of 77 dBA.
F-series chassis
With its front-mounted engine, the Scania F-series is ideal for tough conditions, where it provides both comfort and high passenger capacity.

When you need a bus for rugged use – with maximum dependability and minimum service requirements – our proven Scania F-series makes the perfect choice. You get a robust solution that has been developed to handle challenging road conditions with generous clearance angles.

Available with 5-cylinder engines, fitted with a 6-speed manual gearbox, in a 4×2 solution that can be ordered in several lengths.

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OmniCity ROute 106

Buslovers Route 106 passing through bethnal green, the new omnicity buses are based at WH (West Ham) The fleet no. is 15019 and the Reg is a 58. Also a bonus of a 254 Wright Elcipse Gemini No. VLW 146 Reg No. 03.
Thank you and Enjoy

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Scania Omni City

Buslovers Scania OmniCity A sleek mover in the urban jungle, the purpose-built Scania OmniCity slips like a big cat through dense city traffic. Simply a masterpiece of transport evolution, this low-floor bus offers the fastest passenger flow for busy inner-city routes. Distinctive styling and excellent access are enhanced by several features that increase fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs. And it’s available in both double-decker and scania citywide11 300x264 Scania Omni Cityarticulated versions. The flat and obstruction-free floor throughout the entire bus allows passengers to flow easily and conveniently from one end of the vehicle to the other. A low floor combined with full side kneeling means passengers enjoy smooth and effortless entry and exiting. Safety and reliability have been further enhanced by incorporating the kneeling function in the intelligent electrical system. The rear-mounted engine meets your choice of Euro 4 and EEV requirements, and transverse installation promotes fast passenger through-flow and maximum capacity. Engines that utilise renewable fuels can also be specified as an option.Scania OmniCity bus 300x203 Scania Omni Citydouble deckers, floor bus, passenger flow, urban jungle, safety and reliability, Available in 4×2 single- and double-deckers, and 3-axle articulated versions.

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Scania Citywide Buses

Scania Citywide Gehen Sie bei den Herausforderungen des Stadtverkehrs voran
Betriebliche Vorzüge
Eine bewährte Plattform, die aufgrund langer Betriebszeit, hoher Fahrgastkapazität, geringen Kraftstoffverbrauchs und geringer Lebenszykluskosten echte Rentabilität bietet. Geringere Umweltbelastung mit dem einzigartigen Angebot an Scania Motoren für alle handelsüblichen alternativen Kraftstoffe: Biodiesel, Biogas und Bioethanol.

Hohe Attraktivität für den Fahrer und einfache Bedienung helfen, Fahrer dauerhaft zu gewinnen.
Vorzüge für den Fahrgast

Umfassender Komfort mit klaren Linien, großen Scheiben sowie Interieur und Beleuchtung erster Güte. Verglasungs- und Innendekoroptionen und effiziente Isolierung in Verbindung mit fortschrittlichen Heiz- und Belüftungssystemen sorgen für Komfort bei jedem Wetter. Solider Überschlagschutz auf Anforderung sorgt für Sicherheit für Fahrgast und Fahrer. Bequemer Zugang durch breite Türöffnungen, vollständige seitliche Haltestellenabsenkung und flacher, hindernisfreier Boden.

Vorzüge für den Fahrer
Neuer Fahrerplatz mit intuitivem ergonomischem Design und individuell einstellbarer Instrumententafel, die sich mit der Lenkradposition bewegt. Jeder Fahrer stellt die optimale Entfernung zu den Bedienelementen ein und erreicht damit höheren Komfort und mehr Sicherheit. Eine neue fixierte Instrumententafel ist ebenfalls erhältlich.
Ein hohes Drehmoment für entspannten Leistungsabruf, elektronische Scheibenbremsen mit ABS und hängende Pedale für mehr Fahrerkomfort sprechen den Fahrer unmittelbar an. Bessere Sicht und besserer Sichtbereich durch niedrige und hohe Spiegelanordnung für bessere Gesamtübersicht über den Verkehr.

Vorzüge der Konstruktion
Der Scania Citywide LF (Niederflur) ist für verkehrsreiche innerstädtische Strecken ausgelegt, für die ein rasches Ein- und Aussteigen sowie maximale Fahrgastkapazitäten erforderlich sind. Der durchgehend flache Boden schafft maximalen Platz.

Der Scania Citywide LE (niedriger Einstieg) ist eine effektive Mehrzwecklösung, die den Einsatz des gleichen Großraumbusses sowohl auf innerstädtischen Strecken als auch im Vorortverkehr möglich macht. Diese Ausführung begünstigt ein rasches Ein- und Aussteigen und bietet herausragenden Komfort und beste Sicht.

Scania Citywide LF und Scania Citywide LE sind in verschiedenen Konfigurationen von 11–18 Metern erhältlich. Bestimmen Sie die für Ihre Transportanforderungen optimale Ausführung und Länge selbst.

Vorzüge der Wartung
Bei Scania erhalten Sie alle Dienstleistungen aus einer Hand – so können Sie ganz beruhigt sein. Scania bietet 100%iges Engagement mit einem umfassenden, tragfähigen Konzept, gestützt durch unser umfangreiches globales Netzwerk mit mehr als 20.000 geschulten Fachkräften, die Ihnen zu Diensten stehen.

Scania Dienstleistungen
– Scania Fahrtraining
– Scania Fahrtraining Kontrakt
– Scania Wartung
– Scania Wartungsservice + programme
– Scania Reparatur
– Scania Assistance
– Scania Austauschteile
– Scania Parts
– Scania Finanzdienstleistungen
– Scania Versicherungen
– Scania Monitoring Paket
– Scania Analyse Paket
– Scania Control Paket
– Scania DigiTacho-Portal
– Basis
– Remote

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Scania Citywide Buses

Betriebliche Vorzüge
Eine bewährte Plattform, die aufgrund langer Betriebszeit, hoher Fahrgastkapazität, geringen Kraftstoffverbrauchs und geringer Lebenszykluskosten echte Rentabilität bietet.

Geringere Umweltbelastung mit dem einzigartigen Angebot an Scania Motoren für alle handelsüblichen alternativen Kraftstoffe: Biodiesel, Biogas und Bioethanol.

Hohe Attraktivität für den Fahrer und einfache Bedienung helfen, Fahrer dauerhaft zu gewinnen.
Travelling in and about cities has reached a new level of sophistication. Scania Citywide buses are the perfect choice for sustainable public transport: high passenger capacity, low fuel consumption and solutions for all commercially available alternative fuels such as biodiesel, biogas and bioethanol.
Scania Citywide LE (low entry) is an effective dual-purpose solution allowing use of the same high-capacity bus on both city and suburban routes. Flexible layouts permit rapid passenger flow with greater comfort and visibility for seated passengers in the rear.

Scania Citywide LF (low floor) is designed for busy inner-city routes and features a flat, obstruction-free floor throughout the entire bus for optimal passenger flow. Versatile floor plans available to maximise capacity.

The new Scania Citywide is a highly evolved transport tool – a versatile platform for today’s explosive urban growth, tough legislation and changing expectations.

The Scania Citywide platform is perfectly adaptable for everything from inner-city and suburban networks to dedicated Bus Systems (e.g. BRT- Bus Rapid Transit). It’s a cost-effective solution that combines high uptime with the lowest possible environmental impact. Drivers appreciate the new ergonomically designed driver’s station, and passengers benefit from smooth flow with easy entry and exit. Scania Citywide is the natural choice for operators who demand a 100% commitment from a long-term partner offering a complete operational approach.

The new Scania Citywide – your tool for profitable, sustainable transport as you rise to meet the urban challenge.

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