Power Generation Engines Scania

Extra equipment
Fan cover, fan ring, expansion tank and protection covers, fan Ø965 mm, stiff or fixed engine suspension. Air compressor, Side mounted power take-off with a maximum continuous torque of 400 Nm (41 kpm). front mounted power take-off with a maximum continuous torque of 635 Nm (65 kpm). Crankshaft belt pulley with two extra grooves, various exhaust connections, silencer and air cleaner, engine heater, manual or electrical pump for oil draining, closed crankcase ventilation. Torsional vibration calculations for industrial applications.
Engine description
Cylinder block Made of alloy cast iron. Cylinder heads Individual cylinder heads. Unit injector technology with engine mounted electronic control unit. Steel gasket between block and cylinder heads. Valves Four valves per cylinder head. Timing gear train Mounted at the flywheel end of the crankshaft. Camshaft One camshaft for each cylinder row. Pistons Aluminium bodies and steel crowns. Oil cooler Mounted inside the engine block and of multi-plate type. Connection rods I-section pressforgings of alloy steel. Crankshaft Made of alloy steel with hardened and polished bearing surfaces. Oil sump Made of cast aluminium. Flywheel Made of cast iron. Direction of rotation seen from flywheel end – counter clockwise. Electrical system 1-pole 24 V

Standard equipment
Unit injectors and Scania EMS electronic control unit (Engine Management System). Turbo charger, exhaust bend 90°, centrifugal lube oil cleaner, oil filter, oil cooler, fuel pre-filter with water separator, fuel filter, alternator 1-pole 100A 28V, starting motor 1-pole 6.7 kW 24V, flywheel SAE 14”, flywheel housing SAE1 of silumin, front mounted engine brackets, Operator’s manual.
Optional equipment
Optional oil filling, starter 2-pole 6.7kW 24
The DC16 is a turbo charged 4-stroke diesel engine equipped with Engine Management System (EMS) and Electronically controlled unit injectors (EUI).
No. of cylinders 8 in 90o V
Displacement 15.6 litres
Bore 127 mm
Stroke 154 mm
Weight excl. oil and water 1290 k

16 l 300x284 Power Generation Engines Scania

1 Fuel inlet
2 Fuel return
3 Air inlet
4 Exhaust outlet
5 Oil filling cap
6 Water inlet
7 Water outle1 liter 300x163 Power Generation Engines Scania
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