Scania K-series

Coach Design bodied Scania K480 EB6X2NI Opticruise 300x180 Scania K seriesBusloversScania K-series is a series of bus with longitudinally, straight-up mounted Euro IV engine at the rear. For the 5- and 6-cylinder engines Scania is using exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to fulfill the legal Euro IV emission standard. The K-series is available with 9-litre 5-cylinder engines with output of 230 hp (1050 Nm), 270 hp (1250 Nm) or 310 hp (1550 Nm) as well as the 12-litre 6-cylinder engines with output of 340 hp (1700 Nm), 380 hp (1900 Nm), 420 hp (2100 Nm) or 470 hp (2200 Nm).
With Euro 5 emissions becoming mandatory in Europe in 2009, Scania have released upgraded engines in order to meet these regulations. The 5-cylinder DC9 engines feature a larger bore and displace 9.3-litres instead of 8.9-litres. The DC12 engines feature both a larger bore and a longer stroke, and therefore displace 12.7-litres instead of 11.7-litres. Most engines also receive slight performance improvements, for example the DC9 engine that outputs 310 hp/1550 Nm has been upgraded to 320 PS/1600 Nm.
The variants of K-series bus include coach, intercity bus and citybus chassis.
The K-series replaced the K94, K114, K124 and the L94 series (with the 60 degrees inclined-engine). source Wikipedia
Manufacturer Scania AB
Engine(s) Scania DC9/DC12
Transmission ZF Ecomat
Scania Opticruise
Options Various customer options

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