Sindoro Satria Mas Photo Buses

Buslovers Sindoro Satria Mas Legacy Mercedez Benz in Adipura Station Wonogiri Gaplek City Central Java. buses at the terminal SindoroSatriaMas Wonogiri hours 1 pm, buses Sindoro Satria Mas Red colored with yellow and blue lines. Buses sindoroSatriaMas used Mercedes Benz engine with Legacy body. These buses are already suport unimog Axle, unimog unimog craigslist U500, unimog rv  ??  buslovers may be able to add information ??

mercedez maybach, unimog u500, unimog rv,trayek ssm

Terminal Wonogiri Adipura

The following photos Sindoro Satria Mas Bus :

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