Facts and Figures Volvo B9R

volvo b9r 300x160 Facts and Figures Volvo B9R

Buslover Frame Buses B9R

Steel frame with flat upper face, making
bodybuilding easy.
Volvo D9B in Euro 5 configuration is available with 380 hp (1700 Nm). Volvo D9B for Euro 3 and Euro 4 is available with 340 hp (1600 Nm) or 380 hp (1700 Nm).

Volvo I-Shift, automatic gearchanging system, available with a choice of gearchanging programs and functions. Manual 6-speed gearbox is available as an alternative to I-Shift.

Rear axle
Rear axle with a wide range of ratios for best performance within each application area.

All-round air suspension. Antiroll bars on both axles as standard.

Braking system
Volvo electronically controlled disc brakes (EBS). ESP (Electronic Stability Program). Volvo compact retarder and Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) are optional.

Driver’s environment
The driver’s cab is ergonomically designed and features conveniently positioned controls, easily adjustable seat and an adjustable steering wheel.

Fuel tanks. 2×150, 300 and 400 litres.
Transport wheelbase 3.25 m. Can be built with bodies up to 13 m in length.

Total capacity
Maximum permitted gross weight 19 000 kg depending on application and local legislation.
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