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Buslovers – All about buses Sri maju Malaysia and Singapore, kantor pusat bus sri maju (Malaysia) +604 332 7718, (Singapore) +65 6333 1948. Bas Sri Maju ini bisa di temukan di malaysia dan singapore kawan, bus di dominasi berwarna biru ,,, dengan tulisan Sri Maju berwarna kuning, and berikut image buses Sri Maju. Buslovers mempunyai image bus sri maju scania double decker kawan …

Traveling by express bus might not be an ideal choice to many 2 decades ago. However, with improved road transport system, which cuts down traveling time and the availability of super comfortable buses, this mode of transport is gaining popularity for city to city traveling and inter neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Haadyai, Thailand not withstanding high toll charges and increasing fuel costs. Sri Maju is aware of the ever changing needs of travelers. To receive the JUST REWARD (that is more and more members of the public uses her services), Sri Maju is a Safe, Secure and Reliable Service oriented express bus company. Some key fundamentals are seriously observed such as:

Comprehensive & wider routes coverage
Big fleet of buses
Well-maintained buses
Well-trained and disciplined staff/ crews
In-house supportive & caring teams with good infrastructure
Started with just one bus in 1978, our founding Directors, Dato Yeoh Kian Teik, Mr Ng Yot Chew & Madam Loh Yin Mooi have since transformed Sri Maju into one of the largest private express bus company from Perak, Malaysia. Under their leadership, Sri Maju has become a major player in the bus transport industry.

Currently Sri Maju has a fleet of 128 buses plying the West Coast of Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand and has offices in Haadyai, Alor Star, Butterworth, Penang, Lumut, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands, Johore and Singapore.

Sri Maju has been serving travelers both from Singapore /Malaysia for more than 25 years. To our regular clients, Sri Maju means “Safety, Reliability & Quality”.

In terms of SAFETY, Sri Maju is the first bus transport company that has voluntarily subjected her buses to Quarterly Inspection by puspakom (a privatised company appointed by the Malaysia Government to inspect and regulate vehicle road worthiness). Compared to the compulsory inspections twice yearly required by the Authority. Besides, our experienced drivers are well trained and they are safety conscious.


Sri Maju buses have a reputation of leaving and arriving on scheduled time so, to our customers, they have peace of mind knowing the bus they are traveling in is punctual. Being a sensitive and social responsible operator, Sri Maju caters for different income group by providing Mega Luxurious buses – High Decker 21 seaters with personal TV screen & individual entertainment system of the latest English and Asian movies & music, 25 seaters and normal buses with 36 seats. To ensure our customers’ COMFORT, all of our buses plying the Singapore route are of 21 & 25 seater type. These 21 & 25 seaters offer you super luxurious seats with lumbar support coupled with plenty of leg room for you to stretch out your legs and relax. Sri Maju operates along the Plus highway, federal road, Woodlands causeway and TUAS causeway catering to our clienteles’ convenience.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, try us to enjoy the comfortable trip & save the hassles of driving. Sit back and relax to watch the recent movies. In short, Sri Maju is truly a neighborhood express that renders you Quality, Safety, Reliability & Comfort.


In addition to the express service we also provide charter service and tour packages.

picture of stagecoach single decker bus, double decker bus for sale, double decker bus games, double decker bus manufacturersCharter Service/Tour Packages

Sri Maju provides pleasant and reliable charter with trips for groups more than 20 to travel around Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand. Specially tailored group tour packages and free & easy packages are also available. Here are some of the reasons why our services are the No.1 preferred choice to most:-

Well Trained Drivers and Staff

Our skillful, friendly drivers and staff are ready to serve you better whether they are on the road or from any of our offices. Our aim is to provide total satisfaction to our clients observing Safeness & Comfort.

Reasonable Fares

Our competitive pricing allow us to compete in the market, it is so affordable & reasonable to our clients from all walks of life be it professionals & non professionals.

Charter services / Tour packages include local & long distance travel for single or multiple days trip tailored to your needs.

Just drop by our office at 01-17 & 01-18 Golden Mile Complex , Beach Road, Singapore 199588 or call us at 02-62948228 or e mail to us at

Our office in Ipoh is at No 2, Jalan Bendahara, 31650 Ipoh, Perak D Ridzuan or call us at 05-2538898.

We will be pleased to furnish you with more information. source :

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Christchurch bus changes frustrate commuters

BusloversChristchurch commuters are fed up with constantly changing bus routes and last-minute updates leaving them clueless with the bus stop. following thursday’s crash by a bus travelling on an alternate course, attention has actually been drawn to actually surprise route changes and of course the result on bus users.

maureen taane was left stranded when her already consistently late bus failed to actually show. “i thought ‘it’s a pleasant day, i’ll barely stay up for following one’. when that didn’t show, i phoned the bus company who told me there was a detour set up and details were upon their website.

“the previous ‘i missed my bus’ excuse is obtaining slightly tired, ” she said.

red bus chief government paul mcnoe said the route changes would continue. “the absence on your central town has very disrupted the entire transport network. whereas we experienced a network set up post-earthquake, it isn’t very meeting the wants any a lot of. ”

business relocation following the february 2011 earthquake had dramatically altered the volume of traffic, mcnoe said. “it will require a few time for your own disruption to actually calm down. there may be various detours that could be with us for your own next 5 years.

“it’s very vital we strive and establish a brand new system that meets people’s wants. we’re doing our best to actually keep the wheels running. ”

leopard coachlines human resource manager garth bardsley said the worst-affected bus route was between hornby and southshore.

“post-earthquake there has actually been significant disruption to actually our roading network in christchurch.

“the traffic congestion might well be very random, thus it’s laborious to actually predict what times and days will surely be busy as well as for what reason. ”

each bus corporations urged passengers catch earlier buses to actually enable for inevitable delays.

environment canterbury manager of passenger services david stenhouse said changing bus routes were half on your rebuild of christchurch. “we’ve been operating along with the varied contractors thus we understand before when roading repairs and deviations are going to actually be insert place. ”

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SBS Transit Singapore :

SBS7537Z on 174 basking in the sun after the late Jan 2011s heavy rain which lasted for a few days buslovers 300x225 Christchurch bus changes frustrate commuters

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Travel in Canada

Canada is a massive country, 2nd largest to be exact. Travel between major cities can be a long and daunting task. If you have the money, flying can save you a lot of wasted time between cities. However, before you go and book your flight from Vancouver to Toronto, (and miss all the meat & potatoes) remember, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber. Long hours of travel await you, just keep in mind that your own secret destination could be waiting for your at the next stop.bus travel canada Travel in Canada

Despite the massive size of Canada, this beautiful country doesn’t leave you with a lot of choices when it comes to choosing which bus company to take. The most popular, and most affordable would be Greyhound. They offer point to point tickets or Discovery Passes, which provide you with unlimited travel over a select number of days. (7, 14, 30, 60)

Discounts up to 25% off are available for students as well as Youth 18-25. Also, if you have a HI card, it entitles you to a free upgrade from 7 day Discovery Pass to 15 day Discovery Pass.

Discovery Pass Prices

7-Day – $199Cn

5-Day – $299Cn

30-Day – $399Cn

60-Day – $499Cn

The Discovery Passes are also valid with several smaller bus line companies as well. For a list of Interline Partners click here.

Traveling by bus in Canada isn’t the fastest way to travel, but it really does show a lot more of the country than you’d expect. Just be sure to take as many stops as possible, get off the Trans Canada Highway. Don’t let your memories become stops at Gas Stations, Tim Hortons, and the occasional Wendys or Burger King. Get out and explore. There is plenty to see and do.

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