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Mystery Sleeper Coach

1929 Sleeper Coach lr 300x199 Mystery Sleeper Coach


With Stagecoach Megabus trialling bendybuses in advance of starting sleeper services on the London-Glasgow route, here is a newspaper photo of a 1929 sleeper bus working the last time such services operated. Does anyone have any information on these services? And does anyone know what make of vehicle this is? The radiator does bear some resemblance to a contemporary Guy.
Chris Hebbron
01/09/11 – 07:36
Definitely a Guy FCX. The book “80 Years of Guy Motors” by Robin Hannay and Stuart Broatch tells us that, in 1928, a firm called Land Liners Ltd inaugurated a service between Liverpool/Manchester and London using two such vehicles, which had bodywork by Strachan & Brown. How long this service lasted is not stated, but the Guy six wheelers were not noted for reliability (though they were less lethal than their Karrier market competitors) and the roads of the time were not really suitable for such ventures.
Roger Cox


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