Mercedes Benz Exhaust Brake Switch

Buslover ~ Sebelumnya kita membahas mengenai cara mengisi air pada toilet bus kawan, sekarang kita bahas cara kerja exhaust pada bus mercedes benz ya, bagaimana cara kerja exhaust brake switch dan cara penggunaanya, okey deh langsung saja kita simak tulisan dari busmania community.

Di dashboard bis Mercedes-Benz seri 900 terdapat switch exhaust brake 3 posisi :

Posisi bawah (I): exhaust brake bekerja secara terus menerus ketika pedal gas dilepas. Posisi ini direkomendasikan untuk melakukan pengurangan kecepatan secara kontinyu ketika melalui turunan2 panjang.

  1. Posisi atas (II): exhaust brake diaktifkan melalui pedal rem. Exhaust brake mulai bekerja ketika pedal rem diinjak sedikit dan bekerja sebelum rem mulai bekerja. Posisi ini direkomendasikan untuk mengurangi kecepatan di kondisi jalan normal.
  2. Posisi tengah : exhaust brake off, pengoperasian exhaust brake dilakukan secara manual dengan menginjak tombol dilantai bawah kursi driver.Mercedes Benz seri 900 terdapat switch exhaust 225x300 Mercedes Benz Exhaust Brake Switch

Nah sedikit cara kerja Exhaust Brake Switch pada bus mercedes benz kawan, semoga menambah info pada anda, serta semoga bisa menambah pengetahuan mengenai cara pegereman pada bus mercedes benz dan terima kasih telah berkunjung di blog bus yang kali ini mengankat tema Exhaust Brake Switch.

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Mercedes Benz Buses

Buslovers – Mercedes benz buses which is the best according to me, mercedes benz bus ride is very comfortable and very suitable for long journeys from one city to other, interior and suspension mercedes ben bus also very soft to the drive, mercedes benz buses have many admirers as well as use otobus many companies fleet of buses mercedes benz. if the old account after mercedes benz buses for sale in the search by many people to make the bus at the sending packets, and remain eligible for the second mercedes benz though.buses mercedes benz 300x225 Mercedes Benz Buses

After spending some 3 hrours at majestic bus stand, I can not watch mercedes benz bus. at first sight itslef, exterior terkelihatan terrible, like a square box. The worst is over his paintings. My god, I was shocked to watch the color and finishing, are now nowhere near volvo, painting procedures visible marcoplo least much better than this. wonder who has been selected as the color dull and sad, there is nothing which reflects the image mercedes. because of bad color view built like a local bus.buses mercedes benz buslovers 300x225 Mercedes Benz Buses The interiors are looking for a good and decent, it’s even better than volvo. but the dashboard is really sad. there is no international terkelihatan and interesting. all the display boards terkelihatan vague, something about her that mercedes is required watching. front design, a mirror, wipers all tertampak simple, certainly no one expected from the wrong mercedes. no premium image at all. Just watching the rearview mirror mercedes and volvo.
with mini lcd screen at the back of the driver to watch, thats also missing. terkelihatan back off, no signs, nothing interesting there like a volvo.


Dubigeon Buses

Manufacturing of Special Vehicles
The factory also manufactures a number of special buses. These include manufacturing buses dedicated to carry passengers with disabilities (i.e. Access Buses), or converting existing commuter buses to have devices & mechanisms for loading passengers with disabilities, and producing Semi-luxury buses (i.e. on the MAN Chassis, Mercedes Chassis, and DAF Chassis)ProductsM6 200x300 Dubigeon Buses
Manufacturing of New Buses

The factory produces new buses. The range include:
Iveco Euro Riders (6 x 2 and 4 x 2)
MAN 282 (4 x 2 single axle buses and tag axles 6 x 2)
MAN HB2 & HB5 (4 x 2 and 6 x 2)
Iveco buses
Fiat buses
Mercedes Benz buses
DAF (6 x 2 Tag Axle buses)
Volvo BR7 buses
The factory was upgraded to produce 60 buses per monthProductsM1 Dubigeon Busesluxury buses, commuter buses, passengers with disabilities,
Manufacturing of Coaches & Semi Luxury Buses
The factory also manufactures 5-stars coaches on a number of chassis (e.g. Iveco Euro-Rider Chassis, MAN Chassis). These are equipped with in-house rest room, kitchen, and informatics (e.g. TV, Videos, CD, etc.). In addition, it also produces a variety of semi-luxury coaches (both in 3 and 4-stars versions)

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