Karoseri Body Gunung Mas

gunung mas Karoseri Body Gunung MasBuslovers Body (Karoseri) Gunung Mas founded by Ir. Prajitno Day, MBA in 2000 to repair our own fleet of PO. Gunung Mas. Level of accuracy and neatness of our work to fruition, namely bus repair work requests from other PO. This was the forerunner Body Gunung Mas stand.

With its running time we have a reliable source of labor and trained, to improve and change the form of visible front / rear of the vehicle with a satisfactory level of neatness.

Body GunungMas currently have a large enough customer PO as skilful, AM SHANTIKA, ASYACO, DALIMAS, Ekasari, WE HOPE, Kalisari, MANDALA, RAJAWALI, Saladaeng, SEMI, and much more.

We are a manufacturer of buses and special vehicles and engineering components and the formation of the model / shape the vehicle bus. Our services vary widely to meet the needs of its customers adapted to ensure the satisfactory results of the customer.

Karoseri Body Gunung Mas already working on a variety of vehicles with excellent results and with the best service to customers. We have a very reliable resource in the design and form with the best quality products.

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