dC09 083a. 232 kW (316 hp) us tier 4i, eu stage iii B

dc 300x148  dC09 083a. 232 kW (316 hp) us tier 4i, eu stage iii B

Buslovers The industrial engines from Scania are based on a robust design with a strength optimised cylinder block containing wet cylinder liners that can easiliy be exchanged. Individual cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder promotes repairability and fuel economy.
The engine is equipped with a Scania developed Engine Management System, EMS, in order to ensure the control of all aspects related to engine performance. The injection system is Scania’s XPI (Extra High Pressure Injection), a common rail system that in combination with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) gives low exhaust emissions with good fuel economy and a high torque. The engine can be fitted with many accessories such as air cleaners, silencers, PTOs and flywheels in order to suit a variety of installations engine rating 300x142  dC09 083a. 232 kW (316 hp) us tier 4i, eu stage iii B

ICFN – Continous service: Rated output available 1/1 h. Unlimited h/year service time at a load factor of 100%

Standard equipment
• Scania Engine Management System, EMS
Extra high pressure fuel injection system, XPI
• Turbocharger
• Fuel filter and extra pre-filter with water

• Fuel heater
• Oil filter, full flow
• Centrifugal oil cleaner
• Oil cooler, integrated in block
• Oil filler, in valve cover
• Deep front oil sump
• Oil dipstick, in block
• Magnetic drain plug for oil draining
• Starter, 1-pole 6.0 kW
• Alternator, 1-pole 100A
• Flywheel, for use with friction clutch
• Silumin flywheel housing, SAE 1 flange
• Front-mounted engine brackets
SCR system
• Open crankcase ventilation
• Operator’s manual
Optional equipment
• Cooling package
• Puller and pusher fans
• Fan ring with sealing
• Hydraulic pump
• Air compressor
• AC compressor
• Side-mounted PTO
• Front-mounted PTO
• Exhaust connections
• Electrical base system
• Control and instrument panels
• Accelerator position sensor
• Engine heater
• Flywheels: SAE11.5”, SAE14”, DANA15/16”, DANA17” flexplate, ZF WG260
• Stiff rubber engine suspension
• Air cleaner
• Closed crankcase ventilation
• Studs in flywheel housing
• External thermostat for extra oil cooler
• Low coolant level reaction
• Variable idle speed setting
• Low oil sump
• Oil level senso
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