Scania Citywide Buses

Betriebliche Vorzüge
Eine bewährte Plattform, die aufgrund langer Betriebszeit, hoher Fahrgastkapazität, geringen Kraftstoffverbrauchs und geringer Lebenszykluskosten echte Rentabilität bietet.

Geringere Umweltbelastung mit dem einzigartigen Angebot an Scania Motoren für alle handelsüblichen alternativen Kraftstoffe: Biodiesel, Biogas und Bioethanol.

Hohe Attraktivität für den Fahrer und einfache Bedienung helfen, Fahrer dauerhaft zu gewinnen.
Travelling in and about cities has reached a new level of sophistication. Scania Citywide buses are the perfect choice for sustainable public transport: high passenger capacity, low fuel consumption and solutions for all commercially available alternative fuels such as biodiesel, biogas and bioethanol.
Scania Citywide LE (low entry) is an effective dual-purpose solution allowing use of the same high-capacity bus on both city and suburban routes. Flexible layouts permit rapid passenger flow with greater comfort and visibility for seated passengers in the rear.

Scania Citywide LF (low floor) is designed for busy inner-city routes and features a flat, obstruction-free floor throughout the entire bus for optimal passenger flow. Versatile floor plans available to maximise capacity.

The new Scania Citywide is a highly evolved transport tool – a versatile platform for today’s explosive urban growth, tough legislation and changing expectations.

The Scania Citywide platform is perfectly adaptable for everything from inner-city and suburban networks to dedicated Bus Systems (e.g. BRT- Bus Rapid Transit). It’s a cost-effective solution that combines high uptime with the lowest possible environmental impact. Drivers appreciate the new ergonomically designed driver’s station, and passengers benefit from smooth flow with easy entry and exit. Scania Citywide is the natural choice for operators who demand a 100% commitment from a long-term partner offering a complete operational approach.

The new Scania Citywide – your tool for profitable, sustainable transport as you rise to meet the urban challenge.

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