VOLVO G9B 300 Euro 5 Volvo Buses. when productivity counts

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The G9B has been developed to run on natural gas or biogas. Natural
gas and biogas have properties that significantly reduce emissions
of exhaust substances that are harmful to human beings and nature.
In addition, a gas engine operates far more quietly compared with
a conventional diesel engine. The emission levels from a G9B engine
meet the EU demands for Euro 5 and EEV (Enhanced Environmentally
friendly Vehicle), making it particularly suited for city buses and other
buses operating in vulnerable environments. Natural gas consists primarily, to about 85 percent, of methane gas. The gas is stored in tanks fitted on the bus’s roof.
Four-valve technology and overhead camshaft
The G9B has four valves per cylinder and separate inlet and exhaust ducts with a cross-flow design. The combustion chamber is designed according to the Lambda 1 concept and the engine is fitted with threeway catalytic conversion. All this together results in swift gas flow and an optimal combustion process, leading in turn to low emissions and better power and torque.
modified construction with high reliability
Compared with the D9B diesel engine, the G9B has lower compression and it is quipped with a modified cylinder head. The pistons, valves and valve seats are redesigned and are made of a different material. The G9B uses spark plugs with platinum electrodes for extralong lifetime.
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