Volvo Bus Concept

Vehicle Structure
The body is based on the patented Volvo Bus concept, where an aluminium alloy providing superior corrosion resistance is used. The structure is made of extruded aluminium profille. Chassis floor structure built-up by steel RHS-profiles, welded together with open c-profile cross members.The combined aluminium and steel frame combines good stability with low weight and gives long service life and increased loading capabilities. Rigidity provides good stability and driving.VOLVO 7900 CNG 300x82 Volvo Bus Concept

Glued one-piece panoramic wind screen, clear or green tinted, side windows with single or double glazing clear or tinted, rear window with single glazing tinted only.
All glazing, bronze tinted apart from drivers window which is clear only. Driver’s side double glazed window manually operated; without electric heating or single glazing with heating. Available 6 or all hopper windows (in total 10 for 2+2+2+2 or 11 for 2+2+2+0 door layout).

Exterior Vovo
Front and rear walls made from fibre glass and ABS elements. External side panelling are made of a single sheet of aluminium under the window line combined with glass fibre plates and is finished of with an aluminum lower skirt for the sides. Hatches are made of the same glass fibre panelling.
Wheel arches of DCPD. Roof made of 1 mm thick single-piece aluminium sheet, glued to the roof frame. Mekra or Wilke external mirrors. Electrically or manually adjusted,heated or not. 3-piece bumpers. Top hinged service compartment hatches with snap or cylinder locks. Mounted outside wide angle mirror on the RHS, flag holder Available: school bus equipment, warning signalization when front hatch open, head lamp cleaner, exit light above door2, high rear direction indicator. 1 or 4 roof hatches, electrically or manually operated; with emergency exit mechanisms.

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