VOLVO D9B 260/310 euro 5, eev

The D9B is a 9.4-litre, in-line six-cylinder diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger and intercooler and it is intended for city buses. The engine is available with power outputs of 260 and 310 hp and meets the EU’s exhaust emission standards according to Euro 5 and EEV.

engine1 VOLVO D9B 260/310 euro 5, eev

Efficient combustion is achieved through a variety of measures, including high boost pressure from the turbocharge

The D9B is built on the same basic construction principle as the larger DH12E engine and features an overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder, unit injectors and a one-piece cylinder head. This design is particularly lightweight. The efficient combustion process together with after-treatment of the exhaust gases using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology means the engine is environmentally optimised, approved according to the Euro 5 emission norms. What is more, emission levels are below the limit for EEV* (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) which imposes even higher demands, for instance requiring even lower levels of particulate emissions. The highly efficient combustion is achieved thanks to the turbocharger’s high boost pressure and the engine’s high compression in.

engine2 VOLVO D9B 260/310 euro 5, eev

The Volvo D9B is a modern engine with an overhead camshaft and four-valve technology, designed for a long and dependable lifetime

combination with precise and well-controlled unit injection. This is done by electronically controlling the engine’s various functions with EMS (Engine Management System). This helps minimise fuel consumption. At the same time, the system also provides advanced scope for diagnostics and fault-tracing. The timing mechanism is located on the flywheel side, giving the engine particularly compact overall dimensions. The D9B produces high torque from low revs, giving the engine excellent lugging ability at low revs. This combined with a wide revrange means the engine offers excellent driveability, with generous power always on tap.

Product benefits

  • The engine offers a very wide torque range and responds alertly to the accelerator.
  • Electronic Engine Management EMS – with precise fuel injection promotes efficient combustion and low emissions.
  • Exhaust treatment with SCR technology means the engine meets the EU’s tough environmental standards according to Euro 5 and EEV*.
  • Disruptions in the exhaust treatment system are shown in the display in the instrument panel.
  • Centrally located unit injectors ensure symmetrical distribution of the fuel.
  • Timing mechanism at the rear permits intelligent solutions for powering the alternator and air conditioner.

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