Engine Technology Scania

Emisi Control Scania
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) reduces emissions during combustion, directly in the combustion chamber.
Scania EGR lowers nitrogen oxide emissions by cooling and reusing a portion of the exhaust gases. This leads to increased fuel efficiency without additives. Whether on the open road or in the city, Scania EGR effectively reduces emissions in all conditions.scania 300x93 Engine Technology Scania
Robust and proven aftertreatment system.

Scania SCR (selective catalytic reduction) is a proven aftertreatment system, which ensures that exhaust gases are released with a minimum of nitrogen oxide (NOx) content. By injecting a urea-based additive, AdBlue, into the exhaust, a chemical reaction takes place that converts the toxic nitrogen oxides into harmless water and nitrogen gas. A process that is straightforward and robust. scania1 300x87 Engine Technology Scania
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