dC09 074a. 202 kW (275 hp)

Buslovers The industrial engines from Scania are based on a robust design with a strength optimised cylinder block containing wet cylinder liners that can easiliy be exchanged. Individual cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder promotes repairability and fuel economy. The engine is equipped with a Scania developed Engine Management System, EMS, in order to ensure the control of all aspects related to engine performance. The injection system is based on electronically controlled unit injectors that gives low exhaust emissions with good fuel economy and a high torque. The engine can be fitted with many accessories such as air cleaners, PTO:s and flywheels in order to suit a variety of installations. scania trak 300x150 dC09 074a. 202 kW (275 hp)

rating 300x128 dC09 074a. 202 kW (275 hp)
ICFN – Continous service: Rated output available 1/1 h. Unlimited h/year service time at a load factor of 100
dC09 074a. 202 kW (275 hp)
eu stage ii compliant
Engine description dC09 074a. 202 kW (275 hp)
No of cylinders           : 5 in-line
Working principle : 4-stroke
Firing order : 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 3
Displacement : 9.3 litres
Bore x stroke : 130 x 140 mm
Compression ratio : 16:1
Weight : 950 kg (excl oil and coolant)
Piston speed at 1500 rpm : 7.0 m/s
Piston speed at 1800 rpm : 8.4 m/s
Camshaft High position alloy steel
Pistons : Aluminium pistons
Connection rods : I-section press forgings of alloy steel
Crankshaft : Alloy steel with hardened
and polished bearing surfaces
Oil capacity : 32-38 dm3
Electrical system : 1-pole 24V
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code iso, piston speed, steel crankshaft,

working principle, engine management system, repairability, engine description

engine management system, repairability, engine description
Test conditions Air temperature +25°C. Barometric pressure 100 kPa (750 mmHg). Humidity 30%. Diesel fuel acc. to ECE R 24 Annex 6. Density of fuel 0.840 kg/dm3. Viscosity of fuel 3.0 cSt at 40°C. Energy value 42700 kJ/kg. Power test code ISO 3046. Power and fuel values +/-3%.

Standard equipment dC09 074a. 202 kW (275 hp)
• Scania Engine Management System, EMS
• Unit injectors, PDE
• Turbo charger
• Fuel filter and extra pre-filter with water separator
• Oil filter, full flow
• Centrifugal oil cleaner
• Oil cooler, integrated in block
• Oil filler, in valve cover
• Deep front oil sump
• Oil dipstick, in block
• Magnetic drain plug for oil draining
• Starter, 1-pole 5.5 kW
• Alternator, 1-pole 100A
• Flywheel, for use with friction clutch
• Silumin flywheel housing, SAE 1 flange
• Front mounted engine brackets
• Open crankcase ventilation
• Operator’s manua
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