Isuzu Domestic Model Erga Heavy-Duty Bus

The Erga has been developed as a route/shuttle bus with the basic concept “Reliability and Safety” to be friendly to people, the environment and the bus operator. The name was derived from the Latin word meaning “toward,” representing a start of a new age. Its highly rigid body structure complies with the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) regulations’ world-leading R-66 standards for vehicle roll-over performance.

Model variations
Diesel-powered non-step and one-step low-floor types, which won the certification of the 2004 new short-term exhaust emissions regulations and the three star-rated ultra-low PM emission vehicle, are available. Non-step model complies with the standard specification non-step bus certification system promoting dissemination of non-step bus, whose universal design makes it a safe and user-friendly bus. A CNG-powered model is also included in the lineup.
The box-like overall design with rounded corners gives the bus a friendly look. The spacious interior design assures comfort for passengers including children and senior citizen. Wide windows create a bright atmosphere inside the bus.
Fuel-efficient and low-emission diesel engines with the latest diesel technologies make up the lineup. The inter-cooled 6HK1-TCC turbo generates 191 kW. For the CNG-powered model, there are the 8PF1 with 177 kW maximum output and the 6HA1 with 140 kW maximum output.erga01 Isuzu Domestic Model Erga Heavy Duty Bus