Green and Efficient Fuel-efficientVolvo B9R chassis D9B engine 2009 300x120 BUSES VOLVO B9R The Volvo D9B has been engineered from the outset to provide high fuel efficiency and low particulate emissions. In order to also reduce
emissions of nitrogen oxides to very low levels, it is equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for treatment of the exhaust gases. Another benefit is that SCR has a positive effect on fuel consumption. Customers who have chosen Volvo buses with SCR have seen fuel consumption improve by as much as in average 9 percent relative to the Euro 3 buses.

Meets Euro 5
Volvo’s latest diesel engine, the Volvo D9B, is equipped with electronically controlled unit injectors and an overhead camshaft, which contributes to low fuel consumption and low emissions. The Volvo D9B meets emission requirements according to Euro 5. The engine is also available in versions that meet the Euro 4 and Euro 3 standards.
Economical driving
The Volvo B9R is equipped with Volvo I-Shift, our automated gearchanging
system which has become such a huge success in both the bus and truck worlds. Volvo I-Shift combines the reliability of the manual gearbox with the automatic transmission’s convenience and smoothness. Thanks to precise gearchanges and low internal frictional losses, Volvo I-Shift contributes to economical driving. What is more, Volvo I-Shift offers quiet and smooth gearchanges. Manual 6-speed gearbox is available as an alternative to I-Shift.
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VOLVO D7E 290 Euro 4, Euro 5, EE

Buslovers The D7E290 is a 7.1-litre in-line six-cylinder diesel engine producing 290 hp, equipped with a turbocharger and Intercooler. The engine meets the EU’s conditions for exhaust emissions according to Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive) and EEV.

The D7E engine replaces a number of variants of the D7 engine and is equipped wtih updated systems for fuel injection and the latest-generation EMS 2 engine management system. A particularly broad torque range contributes to good driveability. With electronic engine management and injection of common rail type, the result is particularly precise fuel injection. Allied to high boost pressure from the turbocharger, high injection pressure, high compression and optimisation of fuel nozzle position in the combustion chamber, this promotes particularly efficient combustion. volvo1 300x250  VOLVO D7E 290 Euro 4, Euro 5, EE

The efficient combustion process together with aftertreatment of the exhaust gases using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology means the engine is environmentally optimised and approved according to the EU’s Euro 4 and
Euro 5 (incentive) emissions norms. What is more, the emissions are below the level set for EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) which sets even stricter demands on parameters such as lower particulate levels.
The engine is vibration-free and quiet thanks to its design. The timing mechanism is surrounded by a steel timing gear plate with a cast-iron cover. The D7E engine has long service intervals, which contributes to low maintenance cost

volvo turbo 300x261  VOLVO D7E 290 Euro 4, Euro 5, EE

Product benefits Volvo
The engine has a very wide torque range and responds alertly to the throttle, which benefits driveability. Electronic engine management – EMS 2 – with precise fuel injection promotes efficient combustion and low emissions using SCR technology.
Electronic fuel injection with precise regulation of fuel quantity and injection timing promotes low exhaust emissions and good fuel economy.
Exhaust emission control with SCR technology means the engine meets the EU’s tough Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive) and EEV emissions requirements.
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Buses S91 Spezifikation

Buslovers Molitus S91-Busse
In der kurzen, Low-Entry-Bereich Irisbus Iveco geliefert Kunden mit dem E91, bei seinem ungarischen Standort Fertigungsmethoden hergestellt. Nachdem die Produktion der E91 beendet hatte, nahm die S91, eine neue, moderne Bus, seinen Platz. Die S91 wird von Webasto Ungarn in Partnerschaft mit Molitus und Raab zur Verfügung gestellt. Dieser Bus ist eine kleine Low-Entry acht Meter, die auf einer Rába Fahrwerk eingebaut ist, mit einem Mercedes-Motor. Dieser Bus ist ideal für die engen Gassen des historischen Orten / Städten oder wenn es eine kleine Anzahl von Passagieren.
S91 02b 300x233 Buses S91 Spezifikation
Die S91-Busse, von denen wir die allgemeine importors, werden bei dieser Länge konkurrenzlos geringe Kapazität Bus Abwechslung für Stadt-, Überland-Service. Dieser Bus rundet unser Angebot Linie von Irisbus Iveco und Beulas Busse.
length 7 905mm, width 2 380mm
height without air conditioning 2 800mm, with air conditioning 2 970mm
entrance step height 330mm
wheel base 3 650mm
total weight 9 850kg S91 01b 300x200 Buses S91 Spezifikationengine s91,busus europa,euro 4 buses

OM 904 LA E4 Daimler-Chrysler
power 115 kW (156 hp)/2200 rpm
torque 610 Nm/1200 – 1600 rpm
stroke volume: 4,25 l
SCR system, nox sensor, EURO 4

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