Scania Omni City

Buslovers Scania OmniCity A sleek mover in the urban jungle, the purpose-built Scania OmniCity slips like a big cat through dense city traffic. Simply a masterpiece of transport evolution, this low-floor bus offers the fastest passenger flow for busy inner-city routes. Distinctive styling and excellent access are enhanced by several features that increase fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs. And it’s available in both double-decker and scania citywide11 300x264 Scania Omni Cityarticulated versions. The flat and obstruction-free floor throughout the entire bus allows passengers to flow easily and conveniently from one end of the vehicle to the other. A low floor combined with full side kneeling means passengers enjoy smooth and effortless entry and exiting. Safety and reliability have been further enhanced by incorporating the kneeling function in the intelligent electrical system. The rear-mounted engine meets your choice of Euro 4 and EEV requirements, and transverse installation promotes fast passenger through-flow and maximum capacity. Engines that utilise renewable fuels can also be specified as an option.Scania OmniCity bus 300x203 Scania Omni Citydouble deckers, floor bus, passenger flow, urban jungle, safety and reliability, Available in 4×2 single- and double-deckers, and 3-axle articulated versions.

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