GPS Pada Bus Lorena

Buslover ~ Siapa yang tidak tahu mengenai bus lorena yang satu atap dengan bus karina, serta saya baca di media online, bus pariwisata lorena sudah di lengkapi dengan GPS atau Global Positioning System yang sewaktu waktu kita bisa tracer di mana keberadaan bus tersebut, waoow bus lorena ini sudah menggunakan peralatan IT untuk memonitor busnya ;)lorena karina bus 300x200 GPS Pada Bus Lorena

Bus Lorena memiliki trayek di antaranya di beberapa kota pulau sumatra dan pulau jawa serta bali dan madura, untuk agen bus lorena bisa klik link di samping Agen Bus Lorena. Agan semua ada yang tahu tidak, di mana diletakkanya gps pada bus ??? hayo ada yang tahu tidak tempat gps pada bus untuk memantau perjalanan bus . . .

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Tips to Make A Long Bus Ride More Comfortable

Buslover ~ Riding in a bus for a couple of hours may be quite intimidating for some people. We are not required to have something that can bother other passengers in the bus. We cannot talk loudly with our friends, we cannot snore, and many more. Well, to make sure that you are enjoying your bus ride, there are certain things that you will have to prepare before you start your long journey. The very important thing that you will have to consider is about the baggage. Make sure that you already pack your bags perfectly so that you will not worry if something is missing. Second, make sure that you bring along fun things, like books, music player with headset, hand held game, or magazines.

bus ride gps bus 300x276 Tips to Make A Long Bus Ride More Comfortable

One thing that you should also consider before you are leaving is about the clothes. Make sure that you are wearing the comfortable clothes and not the complicated and uncomfortable pieces. You can have a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans along with a hat to cover your face while you are sleeping. Flip-flops are probably very comfortable, but they are not a wise choice for traveling. Wear comfortable shoes to travel. Other than that, make sure that you have not had a hard meal before leaving. To make sure that your body feels comfortable, bring along some soda of coffee with juice and water to make yourself a lot more comfortable.

Tips to Make A Long Bus Ride More Comfortable 300x224 Tips to Make A Long Bus Ride More Comfortable

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Facilities Lorena and Karina


PT. Eka Sari Lorena Transport and PT. Ryanta Partner Karina, always put customer satisfaction by ensuring that the services of Land Transportation presented a high quality and with competitive prices and strive to increase service to customers on an ongoing basis. Provides a wide selection of classes is as follows:

Bus Lorena – Karina Super class Executive,
Facilities 21 seats with the composition 1-2 (1 left, 2 right), Full air-conditioning, Toilet, Reclining Seat, TV / DVD, GPS, Pillows, Blankets and Smoking Area.

Bus Lorena – Karina Executive class,
Facilities 30 / 34 seats with a composition of 2-2 (2 left, 2 right), Full AC, Toilet, Reclining Seats, TV / DVD, GPS, Blankets and Smoking Area.

Lorena VIP class bus
Facilities 40 (forty) seats with composition 2-2 (2 left, 2 right), Full air-conditioning, TV / DVD, GPS, Reclining Seat, blankets and toilet.

Lorena Bus Business Class
Facilities 53 (fifty three) seats with composition 2-3 (2 left, 3 right), Full air-conditioning, TV / DVD, GPS, Reclining Seat, blankets and toilet.

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