Company Profile PO Gunung Harta

Buslovers An attempt is made ​​correctly to capitalize willingness, ability and hard work supported is formed a company which is specially engaged in transportation services by name Gunug Harta.

With all the resources owned by Mr. I WAYAN SUTIKA, able to set up a service company. At its inception in 1993, pioneering a means of transportation between cities in the province (Descending) serving majors Denpasar – Gilimanuk only. In 1995 started from a variety of information and business instincts have so penetrated the business development services to inter-city bus transportation between the provinces with the help of the banking sector, other financial institutions as well as support and confidence of the community, in the year – next year Gunung Harta continues to experience growth . Gunung Harta in 2004 has developed a fleet of approximately 40 units with allocation: Denpasar – Gilimanuk PP, Denpasar – Jember PP, Denpasar – PP Surabaya, Denpasar – Delhi PP, Denpasar – Solo – PP Yogyakarta, Denpasar – Jakarta – Jakarta PP, Denpasar – Madison – Maospati – Ponorogo, as well as for tourism transport and express courier service package.

In the Year 2006 Gunung Harta experiencing growth / expansion of the route Jakarta – Blitar – Tulungagung and Denpasar – Surabaya – Kadiri, with the number 5 fleet. To Denpasar – Jakarta – Blitar – Tulungagung as many as 3 fleet and Denpasar – Surabaya – Kediri 2 fleet. Gunuung Harta provides: Bus Transportation in Bali pruovince and between provinces (Java), service lease / charter public buses and tourism, package express courier service, tour and travel services in the area of ​​Java, Bali, Lombok and beyond.bus7 Company Profile PO Gunung HartaUntuk gambar bus Gunung Harta yang lebih banyak silahkan agan klik gambar di bawah ini, serta silahkan sedot gambar bus gunung harta yang berasal dari denpasar bali kawan, semoga bermanfaat postingan serta gambar bus gunung harta ini :) 100 1013 300x225 Company Profile PO Gunung HartaPo. Gunung Harta Bali JoGjasewa bus pariwisata gunung harta sewa bus gunung harta, wisata to bali, wisata to jogja, sewa bus pariwisata gunung harta

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