VOLVO D7E 290 Euro 4, Euro 5, EE

Buslovers The D7E290 is a 7.1-litre in-line six-cylinder diesel engine producing 290 hp, equipped with a turbocharger and Intercooler. The engine meets the EU’s conditions for exhaust emissions according to Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive) and EEV.

The D7E engine replaces a number of variants of the D7 engine and is equipped wtih updated systems for fuel injection and the latest-generation EMS 2 engine management system. A particularly broad torque range contributes to good driveability. With electronic engine management and injection of common rail type, the result is particularly precise fuel injection. Allied to high boost pressure from the turbocharger, high injection pressure, high compression and optimisation of fuel nozzle position in the combustion chamber, this promotes particularly efficient combustion. volvo1 300x250  VOLVO D7E 290 Euro 4, Euro 5, EE

The efficient combustion process together with aftertreatment of the exhaust gases using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology means the engine is environmentally optimised and approved according to the EU’s Euro 4 and
Euro 5 (incentive) emissions norms. What is more, the emissions are below the level set for EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) which sets even stricter demands on parameters such as lower particulate levels.
The engine is vibration-free and quiet thanks to its design. The timing mechanism is surrounded by a steel timing gear plate with a cast-iron cover. The D7E engine has long service intervals, which contributes to low maintenance cost

volvo turbo 300x261  VOLVO D7E 290 Euro 4, Euro 5, EE

Product benefits Volvo
The engine has a very wide torque range and responds alertly to the throttle, which benefits driveability. Electronic engine management – EMS 2 – with precise fuel injection promotes efficient combustion and low emissions using SCR technology.
Electronic fuel injection with precise regulation of fuel quantity and injection timing promotes low exhaust emissions and good fuel economy.
Exhaust emission control with SCR technology means the engine meets the EU’s tough Euro 4, Euro 5 (incentive) and EEV emissions requirements.
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