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Buslovers History PO.Eka-Mira derived from a fabric shop located on Jl Mojopahit Mojokerto No. 188 owned by Mr. Fendi Haryanto, in about the year 1971, sparked the idea of ​​the shop owner (Bp Fendi Haryanto) to build a business model of intercity bus transportation Mass the city. In accordance with the name of his store’s name used is PO Flores.

PO Flores route serves the Inter-City Inter-Provincial Department of Surabaya – Solo PP, and besides it was also established to serve the Great Solar PO route Descending (Inter-City Within State) Department of Malang – Surabaya – Ponorogo / Magetan. PO PO contemporaries with some old like Equipments, Sumber Kencono, Surya Jaya, Rukun Makmur, Adi Jaya, Jaya Sole, Hasti, Jaya Raya, Agung Express, Cups, etc, although most of them no longer in operation because it is out of business .

Significantly PO Flores has developed because of his image as a bus at best. Consumer behavior in East Java and Central Java which some buses tend to like best are increasingly making a name PO Flores soar though most people judge this bus as the bus tends reckless. Despite the fact that not all fleet PO Flores reckless because some of its fleet still using the old output engine whose capacity is not as good as new machines.

PO had a chance to operate a luxury bus bumel who, equipped with AC (Air Conditioner) with the name of Surya Agung, which as described above bus routes serving the Malang – Surabaya – Madison – Ponorogo / Magetan PP. At that Surya Agung becomes a symbol of luxury buses, because it is always best mengguankan body of a car body of the time, so with it is with air-conditioning facilities are rarely owned by another PO.

At the heyday of Flores is a great tragedy that happened to be the climax of the PO Flores, terrible accident occurred in the area of ​​Karang Anyar Around the year 1981. Bus driven by Mr. Marwan contains Jombang group of junior high school students who perform Wijana study tours (field trips) was hit by a passing train that claimed many victims could not be avoided. Impact, by DLLAJR Center (now the Transportation Agency) PO Flores prohibited from serving the route AKAP (Inter-City Inter Province) so that the PO is only operating at up to Mantingan (border of East Java – Java). While traveling PO Surya Agung did not experience the slightest obstacle in the operation.

As a result of sanctions imposed by DLLAJR, PO Flores increasingly experiencing difficulties in the operation of the fleet, fleet serves routes serving only Karachi – Mantingan PP. Many consumers are more likely to choose another PO to avoid the risk passed to the passengers that aims to areas beyond the reach of PO Flores. If this is allowed to happen, it is not impossible PO Flores would eventually collapse.

To overcome these problems ramipril and MIRA prepare management to replace Flores serve the route Surabaya – Solo PP. EKA and MIRA name is taken from the names of the children of Mr. Fendi Haryanto. Both are separated both in management and also the hours of departure. PO EKA usually dispatched from Surabaya in the morning until late afternoon, while the fleet dispatched PO MIRA reverse (evening to morning) from Surabaya. PO Flores finally focused on serving the route Surabaya – Ponorogo PP. While PO Surya Agung continue to serve the route Jakarta – Surabaya – Madison – Ponorogo / Magetan PP.

Like Flores, EKA-MIRA experiencing an exciting development because of a positive response from consumers. Even as time goes by EKA-PO MIRA grew into a large and presence to be reckoned with in this pathway. To establish existence, PO 1990 EKA made a breakthrough with the launch of a fleet of air-fruit serving blue livery route Surabaya – Madison – Solo – Yogyakarta PP Nissan Diesel engines Malindo CB with the body of a car at that time was a trend (like Adiputro now) . But it did not last long because within a few months of bus driven by Bp. Darno this terrible accident which had crashed into a pickup truck loaded LPG. The incident killed the driver of the bus scorch. That did not dampen her step-EKA PO MIRA to continue its expansion into the route Surabaya – Madison – Solo – Yogyakarta PP. About 2 years later all the fleet PO EKA-MIRA has been serving the route, and change the basic color-fleet fleet that was white to gray below with his livery.

Because deemed no longer provide the maximum contribution and to rejuvenate its fleet, the fleet PO and PO Flores Surya Agung as much as 52 units of whole-engined Mitsubishi sold to PO skilful BM II and its trajectory, crew and technicians. This is the end and at the same devotion to the management history of the second end of this PO. Around 1992, management again made a breakthrough with the launch of ITA PO (derived from the name of the child’s mother MIRA) which flies Descending Surabaya – Madison – Ponorogo PP.

After a long time loyal Nissan Diesel engines CB in 1993 bought 27 AK Hino chassis unit 176, consisting of 25 units berchasis long and 2 units still use the short chassis. Chassis, the chassis is prepared for the fleet air-conditioned. EKA and MIRA maing each get a piece ATB fleet of 10 units (Regular Tariff AC), while the ITA get the 2 units. The remaining 5 units chassis fleet Patas prepared to be (before it became FAST). From these fleets embryo EKA FAST originated as an attempt exploratory venturing into non-class segments of Economics.

FAST ACE fleet develops an option in its tracks along with starting the replacement of the fleet Hino AK 176 with rear-engined fleets such as Nissan and Hino Diesel RK2HR RB. FAST ACE Slowly begin to put aside his rivals, and become the top choice as well as single player in its tracks.
Likewise, the fleet bumel (EKA-MIRA) began to rejuvenate the old fleet with a fleet of the latest release such as Nissan and Hino Diesel CB AK3HR. Evidenced by the rejuvenation of regular and excellent customer service terhadadap make this PO remain competitive in an increasingly harsh. Many other POs begin to fall due to the rigors of competition pathway Surabaya – Madison – Solo – Yogyakarta as Sole Jaya, Jaya Raya, Equipments, Trigaya, Jaya Utama, Equipments etc..

But the positive trend does not apply to the ITA, because of the prestige that lost gloss with its competitors. ITA finally lift the suitcase map Surabaya-Ponorogo track competition at the end of the decade of the 90s. Fleet-fleet largely Nissan Diesel engined CB lot purchased by Prince PO and PO Restu.

Around the year 2007 fleet bumel EKA removed to focus on fleet FAST, while the fleet of ex bumel EKA coupled to MIRA. It is getting easier for consumers to distinguish between this PO fleet Executive / FAST (EKA) and fleet Bumel (MIRA) in selecting for orientation of the market segments that have been differentiated.
But after MIRA only to class-oriented economy, it makes the PO is experiencing a slight decline. MIRA fleet of diminishing returns. But about the year 2009 MIRA began to rise from adversity to sell the entire fleet of old non-ATB and bring about 100 new fleet of air conditioned (ATB). Competition pathway Surabaya – Madison – Solo – Yogyakarta economy class was again crowded. Many other POs who participated bring ATB fleet to survive, including the route / other line. Consumers are also increasingly benefit from this because the more pampered with the many who serve the new fleet.

bus eka patas surabaya solo joGja 300x199 Histori PO EKA   MIRA

jadwal keberangkatan bus patas eka surabaya yogyakarta

Flores long journey that eventually became the EKA-MIRA interesting to observe and can be used as inspiration for us all. An effort to survive amid the rigors of competition and development era that demands the ability to read situations, to think and act the prime. And the result was not in vain because the EKA-MIRA is one of the iconic bus in East Java, and will stay and try to always be the pride of East Java Community.

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