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In 1970, Lorena Transport was founded by Mr.. G.T. Soerbakti and began to run short distance transport services business by relying on two units of Mercedes Benz buses that serve the routes between cities, namely Bogor – Jakarta PP. Then in 1984, long-distance route was opened namely Jakarta – Surabaya PP, followed by other cities in Java, Madura, Bali and Sumatra. LORENA-Karinacurrently has more than 500 units of buses which are all used Mercedes-Benz products in order to serve more than 60 cities in Indonesia.

Lorena Group in 1989 to expand its business by establishing PT. Partner Karina Ryanta commonly called “Karina” is also engaged in public transport buses Inter-City Inter-Province (AKAP), which serves routes Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Madura and Denpasar.

LORENA-Karina is committed to serving the public using public transport buses Inter-City Inter-Province (AKAP) and earnestly provide excellent service and business motto is customer satisfaction: SABAR, COURTEOUS and SMILE.

The results of the efforts of PT. Eka Sari Lorena Transport in grow and develop the business has resulted in the award of the certificate of recognition from consumers and governments and international agencies, including: Land Transport Management Award Depot & Best Department of Transportation in the capital of the Republic of Indonesia “Golden Asia Award” For Service Excellence, Hong Kong “New Millennium Award” International Transportation Award, Brussels – Belgium.
“Lifetime Achievement Award” from Ernst & Young entrepreneur Of The Year 2003 Indonesia to Bp. Gusti Terkelin Soerbakti, President LORENA Group
Selection of Performance Award at the National Level best bus company from RI Department of Transportation
Bus Driver award recipient of the Best AKAP in Jakarta and Indonesia from the RI Department of Transportation
In 2003 PT. Eka Sari Lorena Transport managed to get ISO 9001:2000 certification, which LORENA Transport is the first ground transportation company in Indonesia to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification. LORENA This shows a commitment to provide quality services and best fit the required quality standards. Application of ISO 9001:2000 based system is an attempt to standardize the entire work process and directly be associated with standardization of quality services produced giving rise to the Company’s Quality Culture.

Excellence and value-added of LORENA Karina lies in creativity and innovation in anticipation of the changes that occurred against the wishes and needs of customers. To support the operation of the bus depot, and implementation of an integrated concept that can serve all customer needs in one location, has built-Karina LORENA bus depot on Jl. No. Tajur Kingdom. 106 Bogor, and on Jl. RA. No. Kartini. 16 Cilandak, Jakarta. LORENA where all buses depart and arrive-Karina as well as a transit point for passengers traveling long distances from areas of Sumatra, Java, Madura and Bali, or vice versa.

In the depot-Karina LORENA available facilities for the passengers in the form of sales and ticketing counters, passenger waiting rooms, break rooms, mosque, bathroom, Restaurant, freight (ESL EXPRESS) and retail outlets.

In November 2007, Lorena Transport Busway won the tender held by the provincial government of DKI Jakarta to corridor V and VII by defeating more than 30 competitors. For the corridor V, Lorena Transport uses 13 units of articulated buses (articulated) branded Komodo. As for the corridor VII, Lorena Transport will use 34 units of single-branded bus Hino. Lorena Transport will show the public the quality of the Mass Rapid Transportation international scale while still promoting the efficiency of state finances.

On June 1, 2008, Lorena Group has launched a new program that is a frequent traveler program, Karina LORENA GREEN CARD. Green Card is the latest flagship programs that provide convenience to the members of the Green Card while traveling by using LORENA-Karina services. As a Green Card holders, many of the benefits so as to make the trip to have added value.

Convenience and advantage of Karina LORENA GREEN-CARD include: Reward Points redeemable for prizes, the ease of booking tickets LORENA-Karina at peak season that has been determined by the company, rebates for the use of other services Group Lorena (Lorena Charter & Sari Rental and ESL Express Courier & Cargo), as well as discounts for purchasing Souvenir Lorena Group.

“Being the best Land Transportation Company in Indonesia with integrated systems and services PRIMA”


“Providing ground transportation services with the best quality”
“Building a Safe ground transportation service, comfortable, on time and satisfy customers”

“Be patient, polite, smile”

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