Scania Retarder and Clutch Protection

Scania Retarder
Buslovers Scania Retarder interacts with the cruise control, exhaust brake and wheel brakes to provide total speed control at the touch of a button or a dab on the brake pedal. Completely integrated with the cruise control, as well as with the service brakes and exhaust brake when cruising, a vehicle with the Scania Retarder provides automatic speed control up and down the hills.
mesin 300x59 Scania Retarder and Clutch Protection
Retarder braking is either initiated with a dab on the brake pedal or controlled manually with the lever on the steering column. The gap between cruising speed and downhill speed can be set in small steps using a button on the steering wheel. When set to work automatically with the exhaust brake and the service brakes, service brake applications are reduced by up to 75 per cent and brake wear minimised.
Clutch Protection
The forces transmitted from the engine, through the gearbox, to the rear axle and onto the road surface are astonishing. In-between is the clutch with its two friction surfaces that have to get it all moving. Scania has developed several protective features that ensure a long and trouble-free service life for the clutch.
Launch control
This standard feature reduces clutch wear and improves performance when pulling away from a standstill. It is particularly useful in conditions of high driving resistance, e.g. starting uphill or heavily laden. This is how it works for the driver : 
• Select the desired engine revs for starting with the accelerator.
• Engine management maintains these revs during clutch slip-in.
• This makes clutch engagement particularly easy.

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