Material handling Industrial Engine Scania

Buslovers Time spent in harbours is getting shorter and shorter. Times for loading and discharge are coming under more and more pressure and the demands on material handling are becoming ever tougher.

scaniaa Material handling Industrial Engine Scania

It’s not surprising then that in machines that you have to rely on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you’ll find Scania engines.

No matter what type of engine or output you select, you gain the same Scania advantages like low fuel consumption, low life cycle costs and tried and tested quality. Moreover, Scania’s engines are extremely compact and carry no unnecessary deadweight. This means they are easy to package and build into all conceivable types of material handling equipment.

Maximum availability
Scania’s engines are designed and built for rough and tough conditions, giving a long service life and unbeatable uptime. Because Scania trucks are routinely found in docks and harbours we have made sure that there are competent and qualified personnel at hand who can take care of all Scania’s products; no matter what function they perform.