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BusloversEl Rapido Buses Argentina story of The Fast begins in 1937 when the 170 kms drive. Mar del Plata separating Tandil was quite an ordeal. Obviously, at that time had not routes. The roads were a trace of land between two fences so the adventurers knew the time of departure, but never the time of arrival. And besides, if it rained, services were suspended.

The idea, then, to provide a regular service between these two cities was a challenge. But as the legends begin. Bold and perfectionist, Oscar Barbini was the founder of the company that year after year was bigger, while the demand and the country grew.

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Thus, line 124, issued in 1936 began to tire ground with his unforgettable front Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet. These were few buses for passengers, with six-cylinder petrol-engines, the best of the time. The weather was bringing more and more passengers to the line, started asphalting roads, and services began to improve consistently. In subsequent years there was an explosion in motor transport, and when the buses began to appear front end of the fifties, The Fast prefers the British Leyland.

The latter made ​​it big because the company operated many years without damage, covering hundreds of thousands of miles without stopping. This brought the company numerous benefits, both moral and economic.

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