Rethinking Public Transportation

Buslovers – In many developing countries, public transportations seem like a transportation mode only for low and middle class society. People who have more money and are able to afford a town car may prefer to use a car for their daily mobile activity. However, public transportation is actually potential to be one of a few thing in a big city that can be developed into a much larger number and larger profit. If we take a look at a few developing countries, like India, Brazil, Thailand, Columbia, or Indonesia, public transportation is probably their main problem, especially in some big cities like Bogota, Jakarta, and Bangkok. Public transportation is actually a potential sector that can be developed into very good public facilities. In this case, a good public transportation system can also bring some more profit to the government and of course, a better economic condition of the city.

Public Transportation 300x225  Rethinking Public Transportation

If we have some consideration about which one of a few kind of public transportation is much preferred by some developing countries, the bus is probably one of the most favorite ones. For example, the Transjakarta that brings along almost thousands of people every day through Jakarta shows that bus is having a certain place for the people of Jakarta. public transportation cartoon, public transportation in malaysia, public transportation logoIn other city like Bangkok, railway is probably one of the best public transportation that they can get. It will all depend on how the society depends on public transportation.

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