Galaxy EXL Rosalia Indah

Buslovers Rosalia Indah Galaxy EXL. Foto Rosalia  Indah ini di ambil pada tanggal 1 februari 2012 di terminal Sukohajo, pada saat itu bus Rosalia Indah Galaxy EXL ini sedang menjemput penumpang di agen terminal sukoharjo, yang menjadi kaget adalah Bus ini datang dari pintu keluar terminal Sukoharjo. Sentak saja saya kaget di buatnya h h h …
Rosalia Indah ini melalui trayek Ponorogo-Solo-Bitung PP. Karosery Galxy ESLri1 300x225 Galaxy EXL Rosalia Indah

Selamat menikmati foto-poto Bis Rosalia Indah semoga bermanfaat . . .

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Company Profile Rosalia Indah

ROSIN Company Profile Rosalia IndahArmed with experience in the field of transportation as well as proven leadership skills and motivated to be successful, married couples, Justin Soeroso with Yustina Rahyuni ​​Soeroso initiated from zero private company engaged in the field of ground transportation services with the name of the PO. Rosalia IndahIn May 1987 the BPU. Rosalia Indah expand its business by means of bus transportation in operationalising its business units. Land transport services Descending bus (Inter-City Within State) only operates a few times just because the climate of business competition in the field of transportation services in Central Java at that time was very tight indeed.
The newly established company is experiencing accelerated growth dynamic so that the Company dated March 21, 1991 Rosalia Indah Otobus pocketed business license TRAVEL BUREAU GENERAL (BPU) No Rosalia Indah. 05/D.2/BPU/III/1991 with office address at Jalan Raya Solo – Sragen KM. 7.5 Cork, Karanganyar, Central Java.
TRAVEL BUREAU GENERAL Rosalia Indah is a rapidly growing company and is a native company that counts in the business arena land transport services in Indonesia. The company that always puts service, security, comfort and cleanliness of this fleet in 1983 began to operate one (1) Isuzu engined vehicles with trajectory paths / routes between major cities of Yogyakarta – Solo – Surabaya – Malang. Subsequent developments fleet Colt Diesel engined Rosalia Indah.
Tight competitive conditions in the ground transportation business era of the 1990s was not an obstacle for the BPU. Rosalia Indah even at that time was used as the starting point of which was originally oriented transport service Descending into AKAP (Inter-City Inter Province) who has more extensive coverage, more reliable and more steady to date, with the human resources of more than 1000 personnel and more than 140 representative offices and agents spread Rosalia Indah in Java – Sumatra. Even the BPU. Rosalia Indah also been prepared to serve the tourism market share to L-300 fleet travel or tourism bus charter.
PO. Rosalia Indah developed into an overall multi-faceted company business units incorporated in Rosalia Indah GROUP. This group include the BPU. Rosalia Indah, PT. Rosalia Indah Tour & Travel, PT. Rosalia Express, Ros-In Hotel, gas stations Sroyo 44.577.08, Central Laundry, RM. Rosalia Indah Indramayu, Ngawi & Bitung, Restaurant Simple Caruban & Solo.
Particular attention to prospective customers through customer service orientation, essensinya is understanding, caring and respect for customer needs with the goal of complete customer needs, because applying a commitment to serve the five charms: Safety, cleanliness, comfort, accuracy, kinship became the basis of the corporate philosophy . In addition the company has a program oriented to customer satisfaction with excellent service based operational standards set out in our five program performance that is: Smile, Sapa, Polite, patient, Whole Heart.
To maintain and improve the quality of services in each business unit, the employees strive to achieve synergy, transparency and effectiveness, both with internal and external parties, to be able to deliver the best solutions are always given the training of employees on a regular basis, especially on service excellence, it is this which Rosalia Indah Group made a “Confidence and Pride Society”, providing services to the satisfaction of internal, external customer satisfaction basis Rosalia Indah.

Dibawah ini ada beberapa gambar bus rosalia indah kawan, monggo klik untuk memperbanyak gambarnya ….wallpaper bus rosalia indah executive 300x225 Company Profile Rosalia Indah

Bus Rosalia indah di Terminal Sukoharjo, agen rosalia indah sukoharjo rosalia indah new Galaxy exl,buslovers,bismania, agen bis rosalia indahSimpam gambar bus rosalia indah untuk menambah koleksi foto bus anda di rumah kawan, klik gambar dan setelah gambar bus rosalia indah muncul, agan tinggal klik kanan serta save as … simpan di tempat yang aman bus rosalia indah legacy,kantor pusat palur,rosalia indah jogja, rosalia indah jakarta, rosalia indah cikarang, rosalia indah bogor, rosalia indah serpong
Growing Rosalia Indah Group is an achievement, excellence gained from a commitment to work with the spirit of providing excellent service to the community. Community use of products and services, is an achievement for us. Advanced and the amount of Rosalia Indah Group is the result of the use of the ability and willingness to provide work for the People, Nation and State.

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