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PT. Safari Dharma Sakti (the trade name of (PO. SAFARI DHARMA RAYA) started up in 1969 in the city of Temanggung, Central Java with PO name. OBL which stands for the initial name of the owner Bie Lay Oei (Darmoyuwono).
Initial route is a route traveled the short distance that is majoring in Magelang – Ngadirejo PP. In the development of this transportation service business began sweeping the night bus fleet in 1971 with a route Temanggung – Surabaya – Malang PP (either through the Yogyakarta and Semarang).
And then further developed by adding a major route of Yogyakarta – Jakarta PP in 1974.
Then in 1989 opened two new departments as well as the Jakarta – Denpasar-Yogyakarta PP and Temanggung – Denpasar PP.
In order to concentrate more on the night bus fleet with class executive specialization and super executive lunch then bus routes beginning in 1984 not be lived again.

After the death of Bp. Darmoyuwono (1989), PO. SAFARI DHARMA RAYA run by two sons, namely Hendro Darmoyuwono with offices in Jakarta and Santoso who is based in Temanggung with under the supervision of Mother Soetari Darmoyuwono.

Starting in 1997 there is the addition of new routes is majoring in Jakarta – Mataram PP and Temanggung – Yogyakarta – Mataram PP and in 2001 began to add new routes to serve major Solo – Semarang – Jakarta PP. in this year also began to enter the island of Sumbawa by opening the route Jakarta – Bima PP. As for the majors Temanggung – Yogyakarta – Bima trajectory license has been obtained and the current fleet is in the process body of a car, hopefully before the end of 2003 the route has been able to be served.

Over an offer from one of his relations, in 1999, PT. SAFARI DHARMA SAKTI cooperation for the procurement of multiple units of bus transportation to the airport operated by the Juanda airport Surabaya for 3-year contract, which contract had expired in 2002.

Along with the many requests from customers and travel agents to PO. SAFARI RAYA DHARMA bus not only provides executives and super executive course, since late 2000 began providing tourism buses with a seating capacity of several options in accordance with the needs / requests users of our services.
In 2002 PT. SAFARI DHARMA SAKTI follow the procurement process & airport transportation bus service which is held by PT. GAPURA ANGKASA for service in the airport Ngurah Rai Denpasar & managed to gain the trust of PT. GAPURA ANGKASA to carry out this work with the initial contract for 5 years.
With experience for more than 30 years in the business of transportation of passengers with a specialization in executive buses & super executives who later extended by bus tourism airport shuttles and buses, to the front in addition to consistently develop the sector, PO. SAFARI DHARMA RAYA will penetrate the market by working on the need for
bus fleet with the specification or special needs, such as buses to transport employees or mining estates which demands a high level of safety
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