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Mesin : Hino RK 8
Model: Jetbus
karoseri : AdiPutro
Lokasi : TERMINAL Lebak Bulus
pahala kencana jetbus adi putro rk8 300x225 Foto Pahala Kencana

Pahala Kencana
Model : Jupiter
Karoseri : Tentrem
Lokasi : Terminal Ubung
pahala kencana 300x225 Foto Pahala Kencana

Pahala Kencana
Terminal : Arjosari Malang

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Pahala Kencana Euro 3
pahala kencana, photo pahala kencana, trayek pahala kencana
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Company Profile Pahala Kencana

PK Logo Company Profile Pahala Kencana

Pahala Kencana

PT Pahala KencanaHoly founded in a small town in Central Java in 1976. Engaged in the business of the Inter-City Inter-State Bus serves routes to the Holy-Jakarta-Jakarta and Solo PP PP. The situation spurred the movement of a dynamic business Pahala Kencana to continue to expand its marketing operations to reach the major cities and towns in P. Sumatra, Java, Madura, Bali and Lombok.

In 2000 the opening of business development opportunities in the areas of land freight transport business to force management to move the headquarters of PT Pahala Kencana which at that time was in Holy to Jakarta.

In 1993, PT Pahala Kencana develop Pahala Kencana Courier Services business which in its initial delivery Courier Services Pahala Kencana only serve the purposes in accordance route bus operations, relying on the rest of the passengers luggage space, and operate a slightly smaller vehicle as a mode of inter-shipment of goods. Currently Courier Services Pahala Kencana has changed its name to Pahala Express delivery service to more than 200 cities and towns across Indonesia and more than 200 countries rely on goal with more than 100 units of freight fleet.

In the same year founded the PT Pahala Kencana Travel Bureau PT Pahala Kencana BPW is then better known by the name PT Rewards Tours & Travel. Serving the tourism administration, domestic & international ticketing, and MICE.

In 1997, PT Pahala Kencana enter the field of transport business in town operates a fleet of city bus routes that serve some of the solid in the Jakarta area.

In 1998 PT Pahala Kencana develop the field of transportation business into the Inter-City Bus Services In the State of which flies a short distance between cities in the province.

In 2000 PT Pahala Kencana start reaching Tourism Transport transportation business that includes provision of tourist buses and rental vehicles.

In 2004 the Governor of Jakarta policy on restructuring the transportation system in the city have an impact on participation in the program Pahala Kencana Busway.

In 2005 the impact of lower prices on business aviation Indonesia makes new challenges. PT Pahala Kencana develop air ticket sales effort that concentrates on selling airline tickets with cheap rates by establishing PT Nata Tours. 

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