The DC9 EMS is a turbo charged 4-stroke diesel engine equipped with Engine Management System (EMS) and Electronically controlled unit injectors (EUI).
No. of cylinders 5 in line
Displacement 8.87 litres
Bore 127 mm
Stroke 140 mm
Weight excl. oil and water 887 kg
Standard equipment
Unit injectors and control unit (Scania EMS). Side mounted turbocharger with low placing, centrifugal lube oil cleaner, and full flow oil filter, fuel filter, fuel
pre-filter with water separator, oil cooler, alternator 1-pole 100A 28 V, starting motor 1-pole 5.5 kW 24 V (EMS controlled). Flywheel SAE 14″ for friction clutch, flywheel housing SAE1 of silumin, front mounted engine brackets. Operator’s manual.

Optional equipment
Optional oil sump, optional oil filling, various flyweel options such as 11.5″, 14″, 15″ for SAE1 and 17″ flexplate for SAE3.

Extra equipment
Pre-assembled radiator 1.0m2 with charge-air cooler, fan cover, fan ring, expension tank and protection covers, suction and pressure fans Ø711mm, soft or fixed engine suspension. Hydraulic pump, air compressor, ac comperssor. Side mounted power take-off for hydraulic pump with a maximum continuous torque of 400 Nm (41 kpm). Crankshaft belt pulley with two extra grooves,
various exhaust connections, silencer and air cleaner. Electrical base system for EMS, analogue and digital instrumentation, accelerator position sensor. Engine heater, closed crankcase ventilation. Torsional vibration calculations for industrial applications.
Engine description
Cylinder block Made of alloy cast iron. Cylinder heads Five individual cylinder heads. Unit injector technology with engine mounted electronic control unit. Valves Four valves per cylinder head. Camshaft Mounted in high position and of alloy steel. Pistons and cylinder liners Composite pistons with aluminium bodies and steel crowns. Cylinder liners of exchangeable wet type. Connection rods I-section pressforgings of alloy steel. Crankshaft Made
of alloy steel with hardened and polished bearing surfaces. Oil sump Made of cast aluminium. Flywheel Made of cast iron. Direction of rotation seen from
flywheel end – counter clockwise. Electrical system 1-pole 24 V. souce : Scania.comengine type 300x155 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 9  LITRE ENGINE DC9 177 kW ( 240 hp)
Power definitions:
I = ISO standard test conditions (ISO 3046), F = Fuel stop power, N = Net, with declutched fan.
ICFN – Continuous service:
Rated output available 1 h/1h. Unlimited h/year at a load factor of 100%.
IFN – Intermittent service:
Rated output available 1 h/6 h. Unlimited h/year service time at total load factor 80% scania diesel 265x300 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION 9  LITRE ENGINE DC9 177 kW ( 240 hp)

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