Terminal Pulogadung

Buslover Pulogadung Integrated Terminal is the largest bus terminal in Jakarta who was in Independence Pioneer Road and Jalan Raya Jakarta, Pulogadung, East Jakarta. Here there is a base bus AKAP, Metromini, public transportation, and Mikrolet. Public transportation in Jakarta is berdestinasi Pulogadung Terminal:

  • Microbus M02 Pulogadung majors – Kampung Melayu (via Velodrome).
  • Microbus M21 Pulogadung majors – Kampung Melayu (via Rawamangun).
  • Microbus M27 Pulogadung majors – Kampung Melayu (via LP Cipinang).
  • M30A microbus Pulogadung majors – Tanjung Priok (via Palm d’Ivoire).
  • Microbus M37 Pulogadung majors – Monday (via Palm d’Ivoire).
  • Microbus M46 Pulogadung majors – Monday (via Rawamangun).
  • Pulogadung majors microbus M53 – City (via Mango Two).
  • T45 Metromini Pulogadung majors – TMII (via Pondok Bambu).
  • T46 Metromini Pulogadung majors – Kampung Melayu (Utan Kayu via the North).

Metromini S49 Pulogadung majors – Manggarai (Utan Kayu via the North).
At this terminal there is a bus stop Transjakarta (busway) corridor 2 (Pulogadung – Harmoni) and corridor 4 (Pulogadung – Hamlet Upper) and there are also alternative routes TransJakarta Pulogadung – Kalideres and Pulogadung – Ragunan. The terminal is adjacent to the Pulogadung Trade Center, Market Pulogadung and Pulogadung Industrial Zone.
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